Monday, May 31, 2010

McFatty Monday

WOO!!! This week has been HARD! I am an emotional eater. I gobble up my feelings with things like chips, chocolate, carbs.. My favorite food group is SALT. Enough said.

With all the celebrity pregnancy announcements, I felt myself going to that dark ugly place. I also found myself with mouthfuls of chocolate chips, spoonfuls of peanut butter, and eating at times that I wasn't hungry, just because I could.

This week is what I needed to see. I needed to be reminded that my food addiction is still there, that it will always be there. That this will have to be a lifestyle choice, and my food choices will have to be something I have to think about for a long time, if not forever.

I was lucky. I did manage to have a 1.5lb weight loss. How? Well, we bought a Gazelle. That shit is hard. I would like to thank Diana who made it look like a cake walk in her 1st VLOG a few McFatty Mondays ago...I seriously thought I was doing it for 25minutes, when I noticed that only 4 minutes had passed.

I also decided that I will show my bellyfat once a month, since it's getting harder to notice the difference bi-weekly. So this week I decided to show you the difference of 2 months!

1st picture is : 3/29/10 @ 183lbs

2nd picture is today: 5/31/10 @ 164.5lbs


  1. Wow, looking good! that belly fat is melting away!

  2. Great job! You are looking great!

  3. You are much braver than I as I don't think I could post MY stomach -- I think it's rather gross and probably would turn off any followers I have! Good luck and I am envious that you are able to lose weight as I am trying to take off 20 and it has been a constant battle. What's your secret besides the 'Gazelle'?

  4. I love this post - I am such a HUGE salt craver. It's so hard not to just start munching on popcorn, chips, whatever and not stop.

    I may have been on the Gazelle but you are 100x braver for posting your stomach. And you look great! Really - there is no way I'm posting mine anytime soon. :)