Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cheese Please For My Whine!

No idea what's going on....

I had very positive OPK's Wednesday night, and SERIOUSLY positive opk's Thursday morning...yet, my temp didn't show ovulation, and other than just feeling "damp", I didn't have any of the normal fertile mucus.  I guess I should just be thankful that my body tried to do something normal for once, but still, yet again, I am reminded how abnormal my body is.

I am trying to keep myself busy by thinking of questions for my new OB, and trying to figure out how to get her to prescribe fertility meds to me without telling me to go to a fertility clinic...I am hoping just telling her that we spent 28k last year, and we're like broke now, will be enough ha!

Gosh, I feel whiney!

One more thing for my whiney post...Still have serious af like cramps.  When I sit down, or walk up the stairs it my uterus is bruised? haha. just another thing to add my list!

Hope Y'all are having a great long weekend! 


  1. I gave up temping as it was causing me too much anxiety and sometimes my temperatures were just off...Maybe it's something you could consider.

    I am obviously not a doctor and NOT trying to discourage you, but when I used to use OPK's, it would show that I had a LH surge, but found out from blood work testing that I didn't always ovulate. Doc said that you can still have a LH surge, but doesn't necessarily mean you will ovulate. It wasn't news I wanted to hear, but it was worth knowing...

  2. I'm assuming that your OB will give you Clomid as you've been on a break and lost a huge amount of weight. If not maybe fund another OB that will. I know that mine did when we took a break. And I have to agree with micgruber that maybe your temping is just off. If your sleeping habits were off during those days in the slightest of ways it'll definitely throw your temps off. That's why I stopped temping awhile ago, but had to go back to it for my new RE, but was told not to worry about it once I got there. Best of luck and I hope that maybe the temps are just off for you.