Sunday, May 2, 2010

What The OPK!?

While taking time off from officially TTC with ART, I decided to track not only my weight loss progress, but also to see if my body is going to start to act normal. ie, consistent periods, and ovulation.

I think it has been about 10 years since I can last remember having a normal cycle, where I got my period every month. I would be lucky if I got AF twice a year without being help from provera.

But since I started taking care of myself, I've been getting AF monthly. In December I did a frozen egg transfer, and I was on progesterone shots. Once I knew the cycle was a bust, and I stopped the shots, I got AF a few days later. Jan, Feb, and March's cycle all came on time...between 26 and 34 days

Since I was getting AF every month, I decided I would start checking for Ovulation. So, I ordered 75 OPK's right before my AF was due, so I could start checking right away.

I should have known better. Nothing in TTC is ever easy.

On April 20th (CD28) I started to spot, which seems to be my new -normal-. I usually spot 2-3 days prior to af's arrival. Only thing different this time, was that it was a tiy bit of pink. It's usually light brown.

The next day there was NO spotting. But my goodness! I had af cramps. I even woke up in the middle of the night, I was in pain. It felt like I did 1,000 sit ups. Thursday morning there was abit of spotting, only when I wiped.

Thursday (CD30) my OPK's arrived. I decided to test, you know, to make sure it wasn't a bad batch ;) Of course it was negative. But, because I have PCOS, there was a second light line.

I know that the test line has to be the same color as the control line, or darker than, for it to be a positive. But I still thought it was very visible, considering that the year prior when I would use them the 2nd line was much lighter, and the 1 time I caught ovulation I could see the test line getting darker before the true positive.

On Saturday I spotted just once more..Again, only when I wiped. So frustrating. No more cramps, Nada.

Yesterday (CD39) I was out all day with my husband shopping. When I got home I took another OPK. It looked positive. After it dried it didn't look positive as much, like half of it faded. Later that night I must have taken 4 more. All negative. My husband thought maybe it was positive because I really hadn't drank much prior to testing yesterday, and the others were all after 5 glasses of water.

Taking his theory into consideration, I used FMU, which I know, you shouldn't use for OPK's, but I drink 10 glasses of water through out the day! all of my urine is diluted =( anyways, the test this morning was negative...same plain 2nd line.

I am hoping that AF will arrive soon so I can stay on track...and that I don't run out of OPK's before I'm even suppose to be using them!

Here are last night's OPK's.

1st one is the always present 2nd line
2nd one is the fading almost positive looking one

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