Sunday, May 23, 2010

June 9th

That's my appt with a new GYNO! super excited.  Weird, right?

For the past 6 or 7 years, going to the gyno has been emotionally draining.  Every time I went, I left in tears.  I found it frustrating that every time I went, I spent most of my appt being lectured about my size, and why I shouldn't be focusing on TTC.

Well this time...I will be going in there knowing what I want, and making sure I leave with it.  I won't allow them to focus on how much more weight I have to lose, but more focus on how determined I am and how far I have come.

When I lived in Canada, to even see a gyno, you had to be referred by your family doctor, then to get to a fertility clinic you would have to be referred by the gyno.  It was like pulling teeth for me. That when I finally got to fertility clinic, they let me do 2 rounds of clomid with them, and wouldn't let me do injectables, or cycle any further till I lost weight.  (Imagine how excited I was when I moved to the States =)
Here I just called up a Clinic, told them what i wanted, and tada! )

When I called the office to make the appt, they asked what it would be for..I just said that I wanted to see about getting a HSG again, and she booked my appt.  Not sure if there will be a waiting list for it, or how it actually works out here.  But I will be making sure that I get some more testing done, and seeing if I can do some clomid.  I may even leave out the part that I've had almost a dozen clomid cycles.

My plan in the mean time will be to continue with my metformin, and try to get down to the 150's for that appt =)


  1. I live in Ontario, so I get the getting referred to get referred thing. Its a wait time that's for sure - but I do love my country's medical system otherwise. I'm in the same boat, trying to loose weight, I'm on metformin as well.

  2. Hope you like your new gyno. I'm trying to find a new one right now, and also needing to lose some major weight. Looks like you've been able to shed some major pounds.....way to go! I guess I need some tips... = )

  3. Good luck with the new doc! Hopefully everything will go well for you at your appointment!


  4. Hi!!

    I am also addicted to Gummi Vitamins for adults. It's sad. Only they're SO good.

    Congrats on the new appt. Hope the doc is perfect for YOU!

    Happy ICLW! #5

  5. I'm so sorry that you've met resistance due to your weight. I know that pain all too well and have fired two doctors for not being "size friendly". Congrats on the progress you've all ready made! Good luck with your new doctor.