Monday, May 10, 2010

McFatty Monday

Wow! It's Monday, again....

Okay, so this weekend was probably my biggest temptation day(s) ever. I was expecting a house full of people for Mother's Day, and I was the one who was doing all the cooking and baking....

On Friday I wasn't feeling well, at all. Just thinking of drinking water, or eating anything, didn't sit well with me. So, when lunch time came around on Saturday and I had to start my baking for the next day...I was lucky that I didn't feel like trying anything.

Saturday I managed to make, 2 orange pound cakes, Earl Grey infused cookies, 2 french bread, and a 4 layer carrot cake, topped with very yummy cream cheese icing. Oh, and vanilla bean ice cream..

Sunday morning, I woke up feeling -better- uh oh.

I got up at 7, and started my pasta, cabbage rolls, pizza dough, pizza sauce, and garlic bites. I swear, it started off lovely. Then everyone left, and I was putting all the left overs away.,..and I not only ate 1 cabbage roll, I had a piece of cake, with ice cream! My stomach is NOT use to eating that much. I felt sick!

This morning I was reluctant to hop on the scale. I was worried that 1 bad day or high calorie foods was going to ruin my otherwise "good week".

170.8 lbs!!!!

Next Monday I shall show y'all some more bellyfat =) But for this Monday, I shall show some of my temptations!

Ps. I sent my husband to work this morning with all the tempting left overs!

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  1. All of that food looks delicious!

    Congrats on the loss! :)