Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reflux Update

It has been a crazy few days here.  Isaac has been on his Prevacid for 4 days, and things have only gotten worse.  I am not 100% convinced it's reflux, even though he has alot of the symptoms, I just can't help but think it's bad gas?  If I swing him in the air during one of his screaming spells, he stops crying.  Which leads me to think he has a tummy ache cause that's what the swing helps with...

But, now his pediatrician thinks it's either one of a few things, pyloric stenosis, or bowel obstruction, or his bowel is twisted. I'm praying for gas, just bad gas.  And if it is one of these things, it would explain why the swinging motion helps. 

Isaac gets admitted tomorrow morning for testing.  They will be doing an abdominal ultrasound and an upper GI series.  I am praying we get some answers and baby gets some relief.

Today was a testing day for Momma.  I felt terrible that I couldn't do much to help Isaac.  He wants to nurse cause it's comforting, and he's so hungry, but at the same time he pulls away cause it causes him so much grief.  When I do get him to nurse, he lasts about 5 minutes before the screaming starts.  I try to burp him, hoping that's the problem, and then we're both covered in mucusy breast milk.  He hasn't been able to keep anything down today.

Or get anything out. 

He has had troubles pooping for a while.  It seems like such a chore for him.  But now were lucky if we see a streak (TMI  I know!) It's not normal breastfed baby stool either.  Ugh.  And he screams so loud when he even tries.

Right now he's asleep with Daddy.  I was able to feed him before he fell asleep outa exhaustion, so I am hoping he gets some nutrients from the milk he had right before.  Cause I know as soon as he's up, it's coming out!   (this time we didn't burp him, or move him much, to not jiggle the milk)

Friday, March 18, 2011

I lied

I didn't blog that weekend...or the next!

I just am running out of time.  Heck, I'm typing this with one hand!  We've been busy dealing with reflux.  Such an awful thing to deal with.  At 1st it wasn't that terrible cept' for a few bad moments here and there, but now it's becoming the new norm and gradually getting worse.

Baby starts his meds tonight, and if it has not improved in 2 weeks, we go to a pediatric surgeon.  His doctor mentioned something about the spinchter at the base of his esophagus being weak and may require surgery? I forgot the actual name though.

Here's the list of his symptoms

random ear piercing screams that the dogs have now started to howl to
spitting up 20 times a day, sometimes so much it will go 2 ft away!
can't lie down without fussing and waking himself up, needs to sleep upright
hiccups 5 times a day!  each hiccup brings spit up
sleep at night is rarely in a pattern
and the new one, screaming and nursing at the same time, while kicking his legs, red faced and arching his back - I thought it meant he really needed to be burped, NOPE it means I need to puke on you.

In not puke related news.  He has started to smile! He weighs well into 11lbs at his 1 month check up, almost 23" long and is doing great =)  He LOVES to babble, especially to my breast. He wears size 6mos clothes!  and I think his hair is falling out!

Oh and I have to say we got a coffee machine!  I'm not a coffee drinker really, and I avoid caffeine whenever possible, but I love this machine!  It makes tea, and hot chocolate =) Keurig = yum!

Friday, March 4, 2011

We got some wheels!

I finally ordered our stroller on Wednesday and it arrived today! 

Verdict? LOVE IT!

I was able to bundle baby up and take the dogs for a walk. yay!  I've been starting to feel cooped up and now I am able to get out =)

We're also changing over to the cloth diapers this weekend.  Eeek!  I'm sorta scared, but excited to see that cute little bum! 

AND we're getting ready for Granny's visit this Tuesday, the 1st time the little one and her meet!

This weekend I'll do a big catch up post that's not a bunch of random crap crammed together =]

Oh and baby is getting huge! He's now gaining more than a pound/week!  For 3 weeks old, he's 10lbs

here are a few shots from this week