Saturday, August 31, 2013


I was part of a sew a long this week over at was a lot of fun, & it was such a great pattern!  We sewed up the Hangout Hoodie & a few of use put our own touches on the pattern. We're planning another sew a long next month, & it looks like next will be skinny jeans & a pea coat!  I have great ideas already!

She also did random prizes, but I wasn't one of the lucky ones.  I did however get an honorable mention with a few others.  Just as great in my opinion!  & then I got asked to write a guest blog post/tutorial on my hoodie!  How freakin cool!

If you want to see my hoodie, it's the fox one.  HERE

I added 2 inches to the length, an extra inch to the hood binding, ears, fox & elbow patches (that you can't see in this picture :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Seasonal sewing

Ahhhh!  These aviaor/trapper hats kill me!  Love them!

Every fall I go searching online for them & never find exactly what I'm looking for.  So I made Isaac's this year!  

Isaac had a cute fleece coat last year that we loved so much, that we bought two!  One sized up for this year.  I used the old coat & some ultra soft blanket fabric (instead of the rough faux Sherpa) and then I died a little when I was done.  Sooo sweet!

I'll get pictures of him in his hat with matching coat soon.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Call me Martha

I am in love with creating.  Love.

I have a never ending list of things that I want to make, & the moment I check one off my list, there are 4 more in it's place. Ahhhhhh!

This weekend I need to finish painting my crafting space, sew another pair of turquoise suede moccasins up, make myself a pair of leggings, & start on a Isaac's Halloween costume.

Plus the million other things that I do on a daily/weekly basis.

Did I mention how I thought I had a heart attack the other day? No? Oh, well, I totally thought I did & I'm guessing that life is catching up with me.  Or I need to cut the shit outa my diet..

I'll save the juicies for another day.  Right now I'm buying a boatload of new patterns that I feel I need, you know, to add to my ever growing list!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Lowe down

We recently discovered Lowe's workshop for kids.  I wish I found it sooner!  It's free, which is almost the best part.  I am not sure how often they hold them, as I just found it.  You preregister online at their site (it fills up FAST) It's a weekend thing.  You go check in, & if it's your first time you get a Lowe's apron, safety goggles & a mini hammer.  You grab your project bag & find a spot on the ground to sit. 

The kits have everything you'll need to complete your project.  We found our spot, opened up the instructions to show Isaac the pictures & started!  We let him hammer after we got the nail almost all in.  Otherwise we'd lose a finger, we'd bend the nail, & we'd be there all stinkin' day.

Afterwards, you bring your finished project to the person running the show.  They fill out a certificate for you & give the little ones a badge!  Later you just iron that bad boy onto their aprons & melt into a puddle while just thinking about how adorable your little one will look with the apron filled with badges.

We made Dusty from the new Planes movie that came out last weekend.  Ours is missing the top sticker, because apparently we didn't really look at the instructions before we added the top/head part. 

It's perfect! Isaac will for sure be brining it with him this weekend when we go see Planes =) 

Oh & it will be his 1st time at the theatres.  Please wish us and everyone else there luck.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Step 1

Setting up some weight loss buddies....

I am on the hunt for women who have at least 50lbs that they want/need to lose.  Once I have at least 3 others, then we will set some goals, make a plan, & figure out a reward system. 

In the perfect world, us real life, every day women would love to be sponsored & get our work out gear, & be awarded with something worth while. But, that's not how it works!  So we will come up with something just as fabulous.  We will work hard & our rewards will be even that much sweeter  - because we did it together.

If this is something you might be interested in, please let me know! I'd prefer it if you had a blog as well, or that I know you. 

If you have any great ideas about a reward system, let me know too!  I'd love to have it where we all weigh in weekly, or bi weekly, make some mini goals & some prizes that we get once each of us gets to that goal.  Start small & go BIG!

Once we have our superstar team, we can all chat and figure out the details.


***So! I've been riding my bike every night with my son & husband.  My bike has gotten out of hand ha! You have no idea how many people slow down to wave & honk at us!  Next week we will put my mirrors & bell on***

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Isaac's Big Boy Room

We decided to go with a Superhero theme, but minus a bunch of licensed stuff.  I figure that superheroes have been around for ever, & I don't think they're going anywhere. :)

I'll be getting better pictures of the room when it's done, but wanted share now!

In the frames will be pictures of Isaac throughout the years dressed as superheroes.  The cork boards above the changetable was just a place holder, & I now have art to be hung.  & the drawing on the chalkboard was for fun & not serious! Lol


I hate it when I have 30 projects going at once.  I'm trying to get my projects out of the way so I can have more free time to organize more fun things for Isaac.

My sewing room is almost done, I just need to finish painting 1 wall, sewing a ruffle on the other curtain, mount the tv & hang up all the pictures.  I really don't see this room getting done any time soon.  Lol

Isaac's play space in the house has a half finished teepee.  I'm afraid now that if I finish it off, he will think it's not suppose to be like that, & tear it down!  I'd also love to sew some curtains for his space...

Then there's Isaac's should have been done months ago, but one wall above his changetable was bugging me.  I still need to put some pictures in his frames & hang the art above the changetable.  I'll do anther post of his big boy room!

Today I'm tackling the breakfast nook.  It can be seen from every angle in the house.  I found it was dark looking, & it needed to be lightened/brightened up.  I was going to keep the tree I painted, but I hated the frames, & I really didn't want to buy all new frames, & try to pick out different pictures for them. I felt like Id have to have new pictures too.  Ha!

I painted the wall, hung some wood plaques that I'll modge Podge picures on tomorrow.  I then painted my table & chairs!  I was scared!  I'll be covering the chair seats up with a chevron duck cloth that I got at Hobby Lobby, & then I'll probably make a cute family rules sign for the wall too.

It feels like I went from dark to empty.   Not exactly how I pictured it, but I'm sure I'll make it work

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Life is Sew amazing!

Hi guys!

I'm in the middle of redesigning my blog, so please excuse the mess =) 

I'll be blogging again!  It will be a bunch of things in 1.  Daily life with a toddler/preschooler, Weight loss, trying to conceive, DIY projects, & my new adventure...My sewing boutique! 

Isaac will be 2.5 as of tomorrow, my older daughter has moved back home to Canada for college, my husband & I really would love to add to our family, & we've decided to go full throttle as soon as Isaac turns 3.  In the mean time, I will be working on my fitness, & using this time to get ready for another little one.

So please stay tuned!  I promise there will be lots of neat/crazy/ME things happening soon.  Oh & giveaways =)

After I get settled down, I will be doing a giveaway for one of my Totes.  I'll even let you choose the color scheme!

Here's a quick look at some of the neat things I've been working on. (I've been pattern testing for a few designers for Children's clothing as well.  LOVE THEM!)