Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Braun® is an innovative company!

Hey Guys!

I had another GREAT opportunity to review a GREAT product that I HAVE to share with y'all! Esp if you have little ones!

Braun® No touch + forehead thermometer
(I've been trying to load pictures for DAYS! grr)

I absolutely recommend this thermometer. We had a forehead to temporal scanner one before this & it was hit or miss with the readings. you'd have to apply pressure as you dragged it across to the temporal, otherwise the reading could be off for readings.

Here we GO!

It comes ready to rock! just push the on button, & then the blue button & point! It will tell you on the screen FWD if you need to move it closer to the "patient". If you're unsure of where the target area is for taking a temp, the handset has a picture on it, showing you the proper area to face the light.

Another great thing is that it's no touch. you can flip the switch on the side of the handset to place it in silent mode, & you can get your little one's temp while theyre resting & they won't be the wiser!

all around, great investment. the temp readings were accurate for us, we tested it with other thermometers. It was really quick & the kids actually wanted us to keep checking their temps for them. The sleep/night mode was brilliant & it would really be a great, welcomed gift to to new parents! can't really mess it up!

Great addition to our Mommy's station

***disclosure I was sent this thermometer for free in-exchange for an honest opinion & review. My review & opinion is my own & was not influenced by BraUn, Influenster, or any 3rd parties.***