Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eeek! Thankful Thursday

I've been having a tough week!  I am actually worried about getting on the scale on Monday.  I finally got my period, and all I can think about eating is sugar!  Like, mouthfuls of white chocolate chips... Have you read the back? 1 tbsp is like 120calories, wtf?

Also, I've been pretty stressed lately thinking about my husbands job.  They are closing the center he works out of, and only hiring on a handful of the folks from there, and the ones chosen will all have to relocate.  Well, he may have been one of the lucky ones hired on...which means relocation.  STRESSFUL

You see, we moved here 2 yrs ago, and it was an adjustment for everyone, especially my mother and daughter.  They have a very close relationship.  My whole life, I've always lived close to my mom, usually within blocks of her.  Well, I am about 2 hrs away now, and soon, I'll be 8 more hrs away.  Plus side, we will be moving to the town my husband grew up in, and where all his family lives.  The Out Laws.  Wait, that may not be a plus....

Tomorrow is when 5 people from his office finds out who gets a 30 day notice.  The ones who aren't chopped, won't know how much time they have left..They may get to stay only a few weeks extra...  I am just glad that Nathaniel may have his offer coming in soon.  But until we get the actual offer, I am worried.

On a good note, it's Thankful Thursday!

Even though I am stressed out, I am also thankful. 

I am thankful to have such an understanding husband. 
I am thankful to have such a wonderful daughter.
I am thankful for this beautiful weather.
I am thankful that I know that this too shall pass!


  1. Thanks for the add sweets!

    I love Thankful Thursday's!

    I also love your story. I am knee deep in decisions about finding out who I am before this consumes me!

  2. Woo! I see you're going to Vancouver this weekend! My home town :D 100% jealous that you're going to the health food expo :P