Monday, November 29, 2010


I rarely ever get sick.  I catch a cold once every couple of years, and I can't remember the last time I had the flu.  This year I was talked into getting the flu shot by my OB.  I tried to talk my way out of it, but supposedly there are benefits for the baby after birth...Who knows.  I'll be upset if I turn into one of those things in that Will Smith movie, I am Legend.

Since about 20 weeks I had developed the pregnancy symptom of being stuffed up!  Seriously, such an odd symptom.  It usually hits me at night and sticks around throughout the morning.  Nothing too terrible. 

Starting on Thanksgiving I got a headache and it's -STILL- with me.  We didn't have any Tylenol in the house, so I chose to live with it till Saturday, the day after Black Friday to go to Walmart to get some.  I checked my blood pressure while I was there, to make sure it was fine (headaches could be a sign of high blood pressure) and it was 124 over 73, which was fine, so I grabbed my Tylenol and headed home.

Today I can't stop sneezing!  Every 5 minutes I sneeze 8 times in a row!  I am perma stuffed, my head feels like a balloon that is being pumped and my ear hurts =( 

I think I have a head cold.  Time to start googling to see what I can take.  FML

Saturday, November 27, 2010

That time of year

Christmas is coming!

That also means my 31st Birthday is around the corner (Christmas Eve baby).  We have so much to do the next few weeks, that I am hoping that they just fly by! 

I still have to set up a small get together for Jayleen's 16th Birthday which is on Dec 8th!  I am totally counting down till when I'll have cake =)  We're flying in my mom and 1 of her brothers to celebrate with us for 3 days.  It's going to be great to see some familiar feels like it's been too long.

I'll have to do my Christmas Decoration post soon.  We went out this year and got monogrammed stockings for each of us, I LOVE them!  I filled candy bowls around the house with all sorts of treats, Candy cane mints, Christmas Hershey Kisses....I am sad to report that they are now empty!  (Common! I was hungry!)

I also want to give a warning out!  I saw a cute 1 piece Jammie set at Target the other week, and I NEEDED it.  Sure I looked like a child from Whoville, but I LOVED it.  Till I went to the bathroom, then it felt strange.  Like I was going to -potty- naked!  Weirdest thought ever!  Onesies are adorable, but still sorta give you that no no feeling....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mmmm Turkey

Today is a busy day!  With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I have so much to do.  I decided it would be better if I make some of stuff today, that way tomorrow I am not overwhelmed.  I woke up and made Cranberry sauce, and now I have the pies in the oven.  I will make the dinner rolls this afternoon, and the cookies and treats later. 
I am one of those girls that has to make EVERYTHING from scratch.  I do so so I know what we're eating.  It means extra work, but extra good!


The baby flipped again!  Now he's laying sideways...  I am hoping that soon it will be nice and tight in there, and he will get stuck ;)  Please stop making me pee myself...

I had the neatest feeling last night.  I could feel him snuggling in, and then I felt the hiccups again!  My belly was showing the rhythm, and the Doppler picked it up!  It was so strange and neat! 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's beginning to look like Christmas...Yes I'm wearing a onesie.

When the snow started to fall yesterday, I couldn't help myself and had to start decorating! I am HUGE on Christmas.

Before my trip to L&D yesterday, I managed to decorate my fire place, the front door, my office, and get 2 tree's up!  It looks like someone threw up Christmas in my house! 

I'll get some pictures up this week.  I'm trying to pretend that I waited till after Thanksgiving, so I'm not opening my blinds =)


Welcome ICLW readers!  You can read about my journey to pregnancy on my side bar.  I was lucky enough to catch every step to my pregnancy on my blog, from the 1st positive OPK in YEARS, right down to slightly positive HPT's, and baby's 1st ultrasounds.

Well, I had myself another wonderful night in Labor and Delivery!  This is #3 for me in 6 weeks.  I honestly have to blame infertility for my 1st 2 trips.  I am a paranoid mama!  From the beginning I've been super scared and worried something will go wrong.  I've even made myself pregnancy goals.  Goals that I can't even keep, I change them weekly.

12 Week goal - The moment I hit 12 weeks, a girl in my Due date club lost her twins at 14 weeks.  Time for a new goal!

16 Week goal - Another lady commented that she won't feel safe till she hits 19 weeks, cause she miscarried at 17 weeks. UGH!

20 Week goal - Someone delivers

Then came the viability week, 24....Now it's week 28.  Which is in a few days!

Anyways, back to feeling robbed.  I am constantly worried, and feeling robbed once again. 

When we 1st moved here to Boise in Oct, I was worried my bag of water had a leak...Imagine my surprise after a few hours in labor and Delivery, to be told that I had peed myself.. Oh man

The 2nd time I had cramps galore, and had an irritable uterus due to dehydration and sex! 

This time, I was determined to stay away from L&D.  So, I went to the ER! and they treated me like I had the plague.  The wouldn't touch me.  I had to go to L&D!  I've been having some stomach pain that happens right below my ribs in the middle.  It comes on all of a sudden with no warning, lasting for 15-30 minutes.  Like a really bad tummy ache.

On Friday night we went to Khol's then Walmart to get a new Christmas tree and I was hit with the pain.  I wanted to lay on the ground.  Finally it went away and I went about my business.  Last night was the worst!  It had me throwing up. and I felt like a lunatic who couldn't sit still, because if I sat down for even a second, the pain radiated to my back.

I finally was discharged 2.5hrs later with a "If you're still hurting on Monday call your OB again and get a script for Zantac"  Didn't I just see one of the OB's from my OB/gyn? yep! But they don't seem to think it's harmful to you or baby.  bye.  I'm hoping that it's done, whatever it is.  It's been happening for 6 days, randomly.  Just a really bad belly ache in that one spot that hurts straight through to my back. 


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Bop!

The baby is really active this afternoon, and by time I thought of grabbing the digital camera, he had slowed down.  Here's a short video of him practising his River Dance moves. 

You can see action on my right side at 0:05, 0:10 and 0:16 of the video.  Please don't mind the jammies!  I only have 2 pairs of pants fitting at the moment, so I try and get away with jammies while I'm home :P

ps. The music you may hear faintly in the background, was someone Else's blog music lol

The Baby Bop


Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 27

Tomorrow I will be 27 weeks pregnant! There is some confusion as to when the 3rd trimester starts, some sites say 26 weeks, some say 27,...Babycenter says 28weeks.  I will go with 28 weeks!

1 more week to go!

The Start of the Nursery

I've always had ideas of what I wanted the nursery to look like, and now that I am at that point, I can't decide! 

When I was freshly pregnant we saw a rocker/recliner at Costco that was super plush and comfy, so that was our 1st purchase.  Because it was chocolate brown, I decided that I would need dark brown furniture to match.  Depending on the sex of the baby, we would go brown/pink or brown/blue.

I thought the hardest part was picking out the furniture style, it seriously took me weeks to finally pick one!  But now that that's all done, and the walls are painted "blue booties", I can't seem to decide on a theme!

I don't want too many bright colors, but I also don't want it all dark and gloomy.  I found a 4ft tall Giraffe that's on Amazon and I MUST have it.  I was also looking at wall decals, and I was going to do trees.  And now I found a local artist that does nursery murals...So I am still trying to decide on a theme!

I thought I'd share the start of the nursery.  We're still waiting for another curtain panel to come, and we need baskets for the change table, and the walls are BARE! I'm hoping to start working more on the nursery in the coming weeks.  It's a really busy time of year! We have Thanksgiving, my Mom and Uncle coming to visit the 1st week of Dec, then Jayleens 16th Birthday on Dec 8th, Husbands work Christmas party on the 11th, my Birthday on Christmas Eve and then Christmas!

Friday, November 12, 2010

My other babies - My Furbabies

I love my dogs as though they were my children.  The moment they get hurt, or act differently, I bring them straight to the vet.  It's costly, but I can't imagine losing them, especially to something that is treatable.

2 weeks ago I blogged about the big dog Molly.  How she has bad hips, and then a fall that injured her.  We brought her into the vet and got some pain meds for her, and we were on our way.  Exactly 1 week later she developed a sneeze.  I remembered a rescued shelter dog that someone brought in and they were trying to let that dog "meet" Molly.  It was getting me upset because Molly is protective of me now that I am pregnant.

Anyways, that dog was sneezing and coughing. 

I called the vet the same day the sneezing started and I was livid.  They grabbed the file of that dog and claimed it was his breed that made him breath and sneeze that way.  2 days later, my little dog got it.  On Monday we brought them into the vet and got them on some antibiotics.  Yesterday Molly seemed a bit better, but Tokyo was worse. So we brought him back.

On Monday they said it was an upper respiratory infection and the little guy started on Amoxocillin every 12 hours, and Molly on some huge pills.  Now they are on the same meds, plus a weekly dose of something else incase it's nose mites?  and the little guy is on antihistamines. 

I was hoping for some more sleep last night.  NOPE!  The little guy was WORSE.  Blowing his nose everywhere, sneezing, and then going into a reverse sneeze that makes him sound like he's blowing a horn to warn us he's dying. 

So far $300 later, and I am PRAYING for some improvements this weekend.  I am losing my hair.  I think I just love them too much!   If he's not better by Monday, I will be taking him a different vet.

Oh yeah, this "Mite" drug...could have a bad side effect.  If I notice them looking drunk, or anything close to being out of it, I am suppose to call right away and get them in there, because it's highly toxic.  GREAT!

Here's my little guy.  He's been hiding behind furniture where the sun hits =[

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I passed my Glucose test! and my Iron levels are normal!

Yay!  I can't imagine trying to down that nasty drink again.  and to be fair, I was totally looking forward to it.  For days leading up to yesterday, I would look at that orange drink in the fridge and my mouth water.  I heard others describe it as a sweeter version of the McDonalds orange kids drink.  Not bloody so!

No more GluCola for me!

A crabby post - I was Glucola drunk

I had an awful OB appt yesterday. It was only my 2nd time being there, and I was amazed by how busy it was. The waiting room was packed with pregnant ladies, which started to make me feel like I was just another number. They had the financial lady come get us, to say that my monthly payments are $200/month, that I paid $200 last appt. and I need to pay 4 more times. It was bothersome, because I knew this..and yet they do these visits as a surprise before your appt. like they are worried you're not going to pay. So I paid it off entirely so I don't have to see her again.

Back to the waiting room.

Then a nurse comes and gets me, and brings me back to a bench to sit on and wait for my blood to be drawn. The older lady was trying to make small talk, and it was awkward. I just drank an hour before the nasty Glucola drink, I have heartburn like I drank a freaking glass of lava....Give me a break

Back to the waiting room.

20 minutes later another nurse gets us for my appt. About time! I've always looked forward to my appointments, and this one just seemed like a let down. I didn't get told what my blood pressure was, what the fetal heart rate was, what was my belly measurement..It was a quiet appt. then the doctor came in...Most socially retarded person, ever. He wanted to know about baby's movements, because I mentioned to the nurse he's been quieter this week..He gave me a kick counter sheet, and said that I am at the point in my pregnancy that I need to count kicks /daily. I asked him if baby was more quiet cause of a growth spurt? he hrmmmed for a whole minute, and said maybe, but not likely. I said do alot of baby's get quiet at this point? Nope! then went on that if it continues then a Still birth is what he's guessing will happen.


I then told him that I wanted to try a vaginal birth after c section. He looked pissed. Like I was wasting his time! He gave me correct information, how there was like a less than 1% chance of my old scar ripping, but that he can't okay it, until he saw my op notes from my 1st c-section. Oh, he forgot to add that I had to try and get them myself, because his staff doesn't call out of State for that stuff.... Oh, so I am suppose to call from Boise, Id, a hospital that I haven't been at in YEARS, say my maiden name, and that 16 years ago I had a c-section there, and could they give me my op notes?


And then he left the room, popped his head in, and handed the nurse a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Delivery flyer. and that was it.

I had my husband go back, and at least ask for my measurement. I needed SOMETHING! I am measuring 2 weeks ahead, which is perfect.

The front desk nurse was to book me another appt. for 4 weeks from now...and she came up with Dec 1st? Whatever. I took it, and asked for another doctor next time. and I got a nurse practitioner. Of course.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

15 weeks to go (14 till C-section)

And today I am having a debate...Whether I should try a Vbac.  My last OB was very strongly recommending a  'section, especially since baby is "very wanted".  But now I am worried about any additional pregnancies I may want.  With each 'section, the risks go up. 

I have my next OB appt next week, and I think I'll discuss with him what he thinks I should do..My worry is baby getting stuck and me leaving with no baby. 

I really need to pray on this

25 weeks

wow!  I am 25 weeks pregnant!  I remember when  I just found out and I was having all those problems, and I couldn't imagine this pregnancy past 6 weeks.

It's awful the way infertility robs you of so much, not just the ability to get pregnant.  In the beginning of the pregnancy I was just praying to make it to 12 weeks, then one of the girls on my due date thread lost her babies at 14 weeks gestation.  I remember freaking out a bit, and praying to make it to 16 weeks.  At 17 weeks I was feeling confident, then there was another girl who lost her boy at 20 weeks exactly. Ugh

And that's when I set my new goal to 24 weeks, viability.  I am now 1 week past 24 weeks, and I have set a new goal....28 weeks.  When I opened up Msn news yesterday and saw that Lily Allen lost her pregnancy in the 6th month, it freaked me out. 

Will I be more comfortable that I'll be bringing home a baby when I hit 28 weeks?  Or will I find another magic number? 


I sure can tell that the baby is bigger and stronger!  This little guy is still in his favorite position, Breech.  So when he gets going with his River Dancing moves, I feel it in my Vagina!  and because he's been working on his fitness ALOT, it hurts!  When he moves around my entire belly looks like a scene from Alien!  and of course my husband LOVES feeling him kick.  Some times I swear it's a game, Nathaniel will put a hand on my belly while baby is dancing, and then the baby will STOP!  Like he knew the jig was up, and he was caught.

I'll try to get a picture today of me at 25 weeks.  Yesterday when I was in the kitchen my husband asked me to turn sideways,...Then commented that over the weekend I really POPPED!  I don't quite see it yet.