Friday, May 7, 2010


After a good google-fest, I am not sure mine are positves. Darn little sticks! some of the positives I saw were raging bright, where mine are dark, but only half of it is the same color as the control line.

I've tested more and more, and it doesn't seem -darker-, but it is coming up right away!
This picture was taken at 4 minutes.


  1. My period ranges from 31-43 days and I got positives on CD 21-22. The first time I also thought the kind of pic you got was a positive, but it wasn't. A positive would show both with the same intensity of color. I also drink a lot, so I did the tests in the morning (just after I woke up). GOOD LUCK in finding out your ovulation days!

    KUDOS to you for having been SO diligent in working out and losing weight!

  2. Keep having faith. It will all work out in the right time. I know that's hard to hear and feel ok with, but don't give up.

  3. Amel, like you, those sticks didn't mean ovulation! Today is cd1 hahaha. I may have to order MORE tests, since I wasted them all =]

    Kathleen, thanks for being so supportive, and helping me try to remember the BIG picture =)