Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What a day! (everything seems to be okay)

I woke up this morning with some side cramps.  It was noticeable, but nothing too terrible.  but as the morning progressed they got worse.  I was already having a weird morning with food aversions...Yogurt tasting like sushi, and the pot I was going to make my oatmeal in, all of a sudden smelled like hot dogs.

So by time I figured something out to eat, I felt -wet- down there.  I went to the bathroom and saw red.  It was like an alarm went off and I panicked.  I started freaking out because I noticed I had cramps with the sharp pains.  I wiped and wiped and it stopped.

By time my OB's office was able to call back, my husband was already on his way home.  The OB couldn't make any time to see me, and said to go to the ER.  I ended up going to my family doctor across from the ER and figured that if she thought I should go in, I'd go.

The family Doctor checked me over, and did an internal.  She noted there was no blood, and that my cervix was closed tight.  She figures the bleeding was just something that happened,. and the side pains/cramps I had was from something unrelated to the pregnancy.  She didn't want to send me for another Ultrasound because I had one on Wednesday, Thursday, and then just had a pelvic exam, and that she didn't want to disturb the cervix anymore.

SO I went for more blood work.  Course the cramping went away, and I am barely spotting now.  Last Thursday night my beta was 1964, and today its at 10681, which seems to be okay.

I am pooped out.  With the scare today, and the food aversions, I am just wondering what next week will bring


  1. Glad everything is okay after today's bleeding. Hoping next week is on the quiet and mellow side for you. Many hugs.

    ICLW #23

  2. Oh Kelly I am sorry you aren't able to relax during this pregnancy but at least everything is alright with the baby. Those sounds like great numbers. Hopefully next week will be a boring one for you.

  3. I hope things calm down for you. It can be a stressful time. I'll be thinking of you. ((hugs))

  4. Don't worry about what next week will bring...just focus on resting and being nauseated! ;) Big hugs

  5. Good to hear your beta is still climbing though! Praying for your heart & mind to be calm, and for you to get some rest... your body might need it, after all this excitement~

  6. I never had bleeding, but I do recall bad cramps early on in my pregnancy - fingers crossed for you that those beta numbers keep going up, and that baby stays nice and stuck where it is! ICLW