Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pinch Me!

I hardly slept a wink!  Which is odd because the past 5 days I have been napping, and in bed by 9:30pm! 

I woke up at 4am to pee...I turned on every light in the house trying to find the other pink dye test.  Finally I got my husband up and we searched.  I found it on top of a shelf and Nathaniel said "Oh, I forgot I put it up there!"  I almost peed myself, I had to pee so bad! thanks =)

The line is still light, but a tad darker than last nights test.  I have 1 more digital left that I'll take tomorrow before I leave for my appt.  I am scared that it will end up being a chemical pregnancy and it'll disappear!  I just can't believe that it finally happened to me, ME! the one who thought it only happened to everyone else!

I called my Ob/Gyno to change my appt tomorrow, from breast check/hsg to pregnancy confirmation.  Turns out it will be a urine test..I hope they have good tests.

Based on my last menstrual period, my due date will be Feb 14th, 2010.  http://www.ivf.ca/ (natural pregnancy calc)

It's also funny how I've always had a plan in my head how I would tell my husband, and how I would capture it...Well, that all WENT OUT the window the moment I saw a faint line ha!  I couldn't contain myself...crap, I still can't stop smiling! and using !!! at the end of every sentence!

Still waiting to wake up from this dream!


  1. I am so happy for you guys. You deserve it! Sending lots of {{sticky}} dust your way!