Monday, June 7, 2010

McFatty Monday!

Start Weight: 231
Last Week: 164.5
Today: 162.8!

This week I cut down on the exercising abit, JUST in case I did ovulate, and the egg was trying to implant...yeah, I should have known better!  I guess I was looking for an excuse to slow down and give myself a break this week.

The break was AWESOME! and AWFUL!

Just working out for 2hrs a day instead of 3 made me feel guilty!  But I was able to push those guilt feelings outa my head fast...That was the scary part :P  But since I know I am not pregnant, I am back in the losing game, full force!  This week I will be back on my old schedule, and hoping to see a difference by the end of this month.

The past two weeks I've struggled with some salty foods, and now with my period just around the corner, I feel the sweet tooth kicking in.  So on Saturday we picked up a big bag of those hard candies, Jolly Ranchers.  3 of those are like 70 calories (yikes) BUT those babies are rock hard.  Which means I can't just bite em and eat a bunch.  It's one of those candies that you have to suck on right down to the last sliver of a piece, if you want to keep your teeth.

and that's how I plan on feeding my sweet tooth this week.  Allowing myself up to 3 pieces of this candy a day.. hopefully I'll be good and spread it out throughout the day =)


  1. I cannot believe how good you are doing! That is awesome! YAY!

  2. Wow, you work out for 2 hours a day?! I would love to know your work out schedule and what you do to help you lose the weight. Please share!

  3. I'm with Kathleen. I know that you use your WiiFit daily from reading your old entries, but I want to know your diet intake and how many calories you limit yourself. You're so inspiring to us all, and you're doing sooo good. CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS!! And 2lbs is still weight loss.