Monday, June 7, 2010

If I ovulated, it would be 12dpo

I have had the worst af cramps the past 2 days. Woke up last night with a lower back ache, which is a sign AF is coming!

Yesterday I took a E.P.T. There is only 1 small store that's close by, and thats the only test they sell. So, I took one yesterday and after 5 minutes you could see a very very faint +. So faint that it was the evaporation line.

I just took the other one, and right away is a very very faint to the faint that my camera won't pick it up. Here is a picture of it at 3 minutes past... Is it my imagination? is EPT's known for evaporation lines?


  1. Holy cow girl that looks like a + to me. I've only heard of evap lines after 10min. Not at 3min. Most tests say wait 3min before reading. I'm saying you're pregnant. Call your Dr. ASAP and get some bloodwork done, and CONGRATS!

  2. Everything is crossed that it's real, but I've been doing some google search, and I am finding stories that e.p.t is known for false positives. Sounds like that would fit in perfect with my life! lol

  3. Looks like a positive to me. You need to go get some cheap dollar store tests and pee on all of them!