Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome June ICLW!

Welcome to my little space on the Internet =)  I started this blog not too long ago to document my journey from weight loss, to finding me again, and finding how I was going to get pregnant.  My husband and I have fertility issues, Pcos, and moderate male factor.  We did numerous of clomid cycles, in which I did not ovulate.  Then we were told in 2008 that our only real hope was going to be super ovulation with IUI's.

We tried 2 super ovulation cycles with iui where I ovulated 4 and then 5 eggs...Then we were told that it just wasn't worth it anymore, that we should really think about IVF.  So after doing the 2 super ovulation cycles last spring, we decided for IVF last summer.  Then came the Frozen Egg Transfer...and with that came the sadness that we just can't keep affording to do this.

So I started off 2010 with a big bang! I decided to use the year to focus on getting healthy, finding me again, and trying to find the feeling of hope that I had lost.  After losing 70lbs I woke up and decided that I wanted to start back at step 1.  Back at clomid.  I wanted to see what would happen now, now that I was so much more healthier.

I had an appt booked with a new OB/Gyn on June 9th.  I booked it a month in advance, I actually booked it for a breast health check, because I wanted to surprise her with me asking for clomid! lol.  I was nervous.  I also started to check for ovulation, I figured that since my period was coming some what monthly, that I may even start ovulating on my own.  ( I haven't ovulated on my own in years)

On May 26th my OPK was positive.  On June 7th my pregnancy test was positive!  My June 9th appt turned into a pregnancy confirmation appt =)

After 5 years of ttc with help, and spending well over 20k last year on ART...we were able to conceive on our own.  My next ultrasound appt in on the 28th for a viability check.  I think that may be the day that this finally seems real...That I may actually start picturing myself having a baby again.


  1. Your weight loss is seriously inspirational. It may just be the kick in the pants that I need! I have about another 30 to go. Why does it seem so daunting when you first set out??

  2. Congratulations on your positive test!!! Yeah!

  3. what an amazing blessing! So happy for you--hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well for you.

  4. What an amazing journey! Congrats!

  5. Your post is such an inspiration! I've read so many times that weight loss can help in getting pregnant. Too bad fertility issues are usually the cause of our weight gain in the first place! Sigh. But your post gave me the inspiration I needed. I am currently on a 100 pound challenge.

    Congrats on your positive!



  6. This is an amazing story! Congrats!!!! Wishing and praying for a happy and healthy 9 months and a beautiful, healthy baby at the end! Happy ICLW!

  7. What an inspiring story! I'm adding you to my follow list for sure :) Congratulations on the amazing weight loss. I'm trying for the same, but I've only lost 15 pounds so far. Although I keep telling myself that for a girl with PCOS, that's nothing to sneeze at!

    Congrats also on your pregnancy. It's wonderful to read success stories around here! Thinking of you!

  8. Congratulations on both the pregnancy and weight loss!

  9. What a great story! I, too, have PCOS and figured out what my body needed in order to achieve pregnancy...with the help of one fabulous and incredibly genius RE! I wish more people knew about the simple (and FREE) things that can be done to improve fertility for PCOS patients. I did have to use drugs, but simply eliminating carbs and sugars from my diet was all my body needed to figure it out.

    I'm wishing you all the best with this pregnancy!!