Monday, June 14, 2010


Is my next day for more blood work! Hoping these bruises and lumps heal before then. The Ob nurse called to say that the doctor would like to watch my beta closely till I hit 1,500. Because I've had an ectopic before. Once I hit 1,500 they can schedule me for an ultrasound to see where the little bean made home.

Since I was #531 yesterday, and beta is on Wednesday which is 3 days instead of 2...PRAYING it's 1500 on Wednesday so I can have 1 more thing to check off my worry list =)

I didn't know that you can't see anything on ultrasound till you're HCG is 1,500+ I wonder if the girls on the message boards with beta's of 700 who have had an ultrasound know that that wasn't their baby they saw...cause they don't show up until your number is greater than 1,500... :Sarcasm: sheesh.

Don't get me wrong, I am sure I would be freaked out more that they didn't see anything because it was too early...but still, just tell me that, not that it's impossible.

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