Friday, July 30, 2010

Wiggle Worm


Today's Ultrasound was good.  I had to pee so badly, that I couldn't stand it anymore.  So they let me pee just a little.  And because with my 16oz of water, I mixed in some orange juice, we got ourselves a VERY wiggly baby!

The 1st tech couldn't get a profile view of baby because it was squirmy and facing the wand.  She was pressing so hard on my belly to try and -capture- it so it wouldn't move.  Well, the baby HATED it, the moment she would stop pressing, it would start doing flips and using the side of the sack to push itself fast to the other side. 

She then brought in the other tech.  She was able to angle the wand on my belly to get some side shots, and then was able to measure behind the baby's neck for the NT.  She said anything less than 3 is normal. anything between 4 and 7 is a concern.  Ours wasn't even 1.  She said baby looked great, and she could clearly see the nasal bone, too.

They sent us on our way with 6 more printed pictures, and a disc of pictures and short video clips!  In one of the video clips that you can see on our youtube, she told me to cough twice, and as soon as I did the baby started waving it's arms, then kicked!  It seriously did the worm!

oh yes! Baby measured great  11 weeks, 2 days

Thursday, July 29, 2010


That Diet went out the window.  I stopped pricking myself, too.  My sugar levels have been great, and I don't over eat, so I figure I'll just watch what I eat and check my sugars randomly instead of every 4 hours.  Also because I was alot smaller in the waist, I am starting to notice even my underwear digging in just above my pubic bone! I bought all new clothes at the beginning of summer, and now they are starting to get tight, like across my chest!

Want to hear something crazy and strange?  I am still getting jealous over other ladies BFP's.  Seriously.  I think it's because I am still worried, and I still feel like I some how cheated the -Infertility Club-  After a few days, I get excited for them, and I count how far along behind me they are, and try to remember how scared I was at their stage, and how I am just now starting to think that this MAY happen for me.

And the awesome news...Tomorrow I get to drink LOADS of water, and not pee for an hour!  Wow.  I am not sure how I am going to do this.  I drank a green tea, went into Costco 30 minutes later, and almost peed myself.  Tomorrow I get to over drink, and get my tummy pushed on!  It's my 1st abdominal Ultrasound.  I am getting the NT scan done to check for abnormality markers.  I'm just doing it so I can have another ultrasound to see the baby :D

Am I just the only crazy person who prepares herself for the worst before EVERY ultrasound? 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Date at the Diabete Center

It wasn't that bad.  I was worried I would be living off of green leaves or some crap like that lol.  I was taught how to check my blood levels, and holy cow was I a chicken.  I held that little machine and seriously stomped my feet as I tried to psych myself up to push the button and prick my finger!  and I couldn't do it.  the lady had to do it for me. lol!

I don't get it!  I did muscle injections in my ass at least 65 times last year, and at least 10 shots in my belly, yet I couldn't prick my finger. So it turns out my sugar levels spike high, and then drop,...alot.  Which she didn't seem happy with.  So alot of this will be trial and error to find which foods work for me.

I will admit that I left that appointment and went and grabbed a huge Costco Hot dog and a strawberry sundae!  Then I came home and ate some more crap, and drank some apple juice (She said no more juices for me!)  Tomorrow the torture will begin!  aka, the diabetes diet.

Anyways, as I write this I am sitting here eating a nut bar and a bag of veggie chips, you make sure it's not "poison" before I start to eat this stuff tomorrow!  I'm so full I could either pass out, or throw up.  Right now either one sounds like sex.

Disclaimer: YES, I know I shouldn't have hogged out, but I couldn't help myself.  I'm sure once I restart my metformin tomorrow all of this  food will be flushed out =]

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

1st Pre Natal Visit

This morning was my first prenatal visit. There was alot of information, lots of questions, and an ultrasound.  Oh, and more appointments.  Appointments for another prenatal, nutritionist, Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound, blood work, and urine testing.

The news:  I am 10 weeks pregnant and have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes already!  I've been given metformin for many years, and it was only more recently that I became faithful in taking it, and when I found out I was pregnant, the old OB office told me to stop it right away, cold turkey.

I am insulin weight has been sky rocketing since getting pregnant.  I am now on the diabetes diet, taking metformin, and have to check my blood sugars 4 times a day.  If the Metformin and diet can't control it, I will start insulin.

And the other news:  I will be having another C-section.  We will plan for the date for 39weeks, but depending on baby, it may be earlier.  When I went into labor with my daughter I didn't know I was in labor.  I was in the very SMALL percentage of women who don't feel their labor.  I actually went to my doctor to get a sleeping pill because I could not sleep for almost 2 nights, and she checked my cervix and I was 7.5cm dilated. 

I went to the hospital and they broke my bag of water, and she had pooped.  They decided because she was distressed that I would need to be induced to speed things along, and once they started that process, it all went VERY fast, the contractions were one on top of another and the pain all of a sudden became too much.

Her heartbeat was dropping, and it at times would stay really low, so I went for an emergency c-section.  The mentioned the cord was wrapped once around her neck, but the kicker?...Her head was such a cone shape!  It was literally wedged in my pelvis that they had to really tug her out.  There was no way she would have survived a vaginal birth. 

The doctor talked to us a bit about it, based on scar, and a small pelvis, he advised us that he would suggest a repeat c-section.  We didn't talk about a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) Which made the decision easier.  Anything to cut any risks down.

My next prenatal is in 4weeks, and on the 30th is the scan to check for down syndrome.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gorgeous Dress

I NEED this dress.  The End

The Dress

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cervix is long and closed, there is no evidence where the blood is coming from, and baby once again is clueless as to what's happening. 

This all means...your guess is as good as mine, and the professionals.  It made me feel better that they said the main thing is that baby okay and that my cervix is long and closed.  Some times pregnant ladies bleed and they can't find where exactly it's coming from.  There was also no sign of my Subchorionic Hemorrhage. 

Only advice they gave me was to live life like there is no bleed. 

Baby is definitely bigger, heart rate much higher (174) and she said baby looked awesome, even measuring a bit bigger than it's gestational age.  We saw the umbilical cord, and the blood flow in it, and she showed us the developing brain!  In this picture baby's head is on the left, chin to chest, and it's little bottom is sitting on it's yolk sac!

Friday, July 16, 2010


I've had a good week.  Got to see the new Twilight Movie, got some cooler spotting.  Then yesterday happened.

For 3 days I've been having mild side pinches.  Every 30 seconds or so, and I read it was normal.  Then came some cramping.  Like I had to lay down because it hurt.  Around 10pm last night it went away.  Even the pinching.  BUT I had an awful night.  I couldn't sleep.  I think I got maybe 2 hours.

This morning my husband told me that he was having nightmares all night.  Nightmares that I was telling him I "Lost the baby" .  For some reason that made me nervous.  3 hours later when I went pee, I wiped and glanced down, and saw red.  I am not sure how long I've been bleeding...I've pretty much trained myself the past week not to look anymore because the light brown spotting was making me too nervous..

When I went into the bedroom to make the bed, I noticed I had a small stain on my side of the bed!  I didn't notice because I've been so hot at night, that I've been sleeping naked. 

So here I sit again waiting for an OB call, to see if I can get in to make sure everything is alright.  I'm worried that they will ask me to wait till Tuesday when my appt is...But I just can't.  I will end up in the ER worried, and get another ER bill..I would rather they make time for me today, and save me the hassle of going to the ER for the 3rd time this EARLY pregnancy. 

I must look like a crazy lady to them...and they must be kicking themselves in the behind for accepting me!  (they weren't accepting new patients)

**Update** Emergency Ultrasound at 3:30. 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Date Day


Today the husband and I are going on a date.  A movie date.  Best part? It's my choice! See, my little secret is that I sorta/kinda/almost/maybe like the Twilight movies.  The acting is terrible, but I enjoy feeling like a gushing teenage girl when I watch it.  And that my friends is what I picked to see!

We chose the 11am showing, in hopes to avoid annoying chatty teenagers, but with my terrible luck, it will be packed with them, and they will all be gorgeous and like 6ft tall and sit in front of me.

Anywho! the plan is Movie, return a shirt to Target and hit Walmart. funfun!

(The shirt is one I bought on the weekend my mother was in town...I feel HUGE in it, so time to return it!)

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's Resolving!

Verdict: It's resolving!

We saw the bleed on the ultrasound, and it's on it's way to the cervix!  Which explains all the bleeds and discharge!  The OB said that I didn't have a tear afterall, but had a deep implantation bleed that caused the hemorrhage. 

The baby? PERFECT! It has arms, legs...and a tail!  Oh, and a perfect heartbeat of 154!  It's going up nicely.

In this picture you can see to the right of the sac a little black mark, looks like 8 little circles in a cluster..that's the bleed!  She says it's on it's way to the cervix, so I am assuming my cervix is on that end :P

Monday, July 5, 2010


I made it the long weekend without any red bleeding.  Heck, there were times when I had NO brown spotting.  I usually have the heaviest spotting in the morning when I wake up, but the past 2 mornings I've woken up to nothing.  Before I get too excited, I have to remind myself that I will have good days, and then followed by bad days.  Some women think it's resolved and it makes it's appearance when they're least expecting it. 

What I forgot to tell y'all about my OB appt I had when I found out I was pregnant, was that it was a disaster.  I didn't get to see an actual OB, or even get to talk to one...Even after the 1st ultrasound when they suspected ectopic.  I just kept getting seen by a nurse.  A nurse who made it very clear that I was bothering her, and that she had other patients to see.  So I switched..again.

My 1st appt with the new OB was scheduled for the 20th of this month.  I got an early ultrasound appt with them for last Monday just for viability.  But I got a call on Thursday from the new OB herself to let me know that I needed to come in right away after the long weekend.  She needs to do an ultrasound and figure out how at risk am I.  She also mentioned that I will have to be watched carefully, and will be a high risk patient. 

And that appointment is tomorrow.  I am excited to see the baby again, and to see how much it has grown since last week, but I am also petrified at what else we may or may not see.  I have been praying for this to heal, and heal fast so it doesn't affect how the baby is developing, but I have little hope...I am still cramping, and I am still spotting, and I am exhausted, all signs that it's still there.

If you wouldn't mind saying a prayer for us tomorrow I would really appreciate it.  Or just keep us in your thoughts =)  My appt is at 11:30, and we should be back by 2pm.  I'll update as soon as I can.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bed Rest

Yes, I am 7 weeks pregnant and I am on bed rest.

Yesterday was day #8 of every morning bleeding.  Yesterday was probably the scariest.  Yesterday was the day that I decided that this all seemed to strange to keep ignoring, and I went back to the ER to get it investigated.  Then I left the ER with a diagnosis and told I have a very high chance of a threatened miscarriage.

DIAGNOSIS: Subchorionic Hemorrhage

Scary part...It now all makes sense.  In my 1st ultrasound the tech mentioned "free fluid"  So when I had my 2nd ultrasound I told the tech that I already knew about the free fluid, and she noted seeing it aswell.  Then at my 1st OB ultrasound, the tech just looked at my ovaries, and baby and said the spotting is just the free fluid.  she didn't look around much more.  And the OB refuses to see me till I am much further along.

Lets go back to yesterday...

I woke up at 5am to go to pee.  I see RED.  I wiped and wiped till it was much lighter and barely there.  I went back to bed and woke my husband up to let him know that I think I am miscarrying.  I get back up again to check, and this time the blood looked PURPLE! but it wiped back down to a watery red very quickly.  It was over.

I looked up everything I could about miscarriage and what to expect, and it all seemed very text book, the signs I was having.  But the strange part was that by 11am, it was back to very light pink, and mostly brown again...By afternoon, it was the brown spotting.

So last night I panicked.  What if it wasn't a full miscarriage and I'll get an infection..So I went to the ER.  I explained to the doctor what happened and he believed I more than likely miscarried, so he ordered blood work and an ultrasound.  They were very caring and considerate.

When I went in for my ultrasound, the Tech told me she didn't have the big monitor on the wall on that is usually for the patients to watch the ultrasound because she has been burned in the past...huh?  That she doesn't give any information, that we will have to reply 100% on the doctor.  Well, We were able to befriend her in 5 minutes, had her talking about her kid, family, and everything under the she started to talk about the ultrasound!

She found the sac, and the baby right away...PHEW!  The baby has grown since Monday and his heart rate is 130 now!  Right now the baby seems unaffected by the current events.  But we finally were able to see the problem.  She pulled up the old ultrasound photos aswell, and there it was.  A huge tear behind where the placenta is. 

So, for a week I've been saying everyday it seems like it's getting darker, and it's strange how it was mostly in the morning the darkest is because it pools up while I am sleeping, and then works it way out in the morning and then the slow leak through out the day.

The bad news...It's pushing the placenta away.  If it gets a good bleed or pools up, it can loosen the placenta, or stop nourishing the baby because the blood flow will be bleeding out.

And that is why I am on Bed Rest, and 100% pelvic rest (aka no sex)  They gave me 50/50 odds of me keeping the pregnancy.  He said it really could go either way, especially since in 8 days it has just been getting worse and worse, and I haven't done anything strenuous.  The other crazy thing is that my body does NOT like the blood loss.  I have been more dizzy than before.  Since I've gotten pregnant, standing up, or moving makes me dizzy and see spots, now it seems I am dizzy just moving fast, or get light headed standing there. 

Oh! Get this...They want me to go to my local Fire Dept. everyday to be monitored for my blood pressure.  I am assuming this because there are no doctors or pharmacies in my small town. lol  I won't be doing that!  I'll just monitor the bleeding myself, and go in if it's too much.  ( Blood pressure was 105/51 all night at the hospital)