Friday, July 16, 2010


I've had a good week.  Got to see the new Twilight Movie, got some cooler spotting.  Then yesterday happened.

For 3 days I've been having mild side pinches.  Every 30 seconds or so, and I read it was normal.  Then came some cramping.  Like I had to lay down because it hurt.  Around 10pm last night it went away.  Even the pinching.  BUT I had an awful night.  I couldn't sleep.  I think I got maybe 2 hours.

This morning my husband told me that he was having nightmares all night.  Nightmares that I was telling him I "Lost the baby" .  For some reason that made me nervous.  3 hours later when I went pee, I wiped and glanced down, and saw red.  I am not sure how long I've been bleeding...I've pretty much trained myself the past week not to look anymore because the light brown spotting was making me too nervous..

When I went into the bedroom to make the bed, I noticed I had a small stain on my side of the bed!  I didn't notice because I've been so hot at night, that I've been sleeping naked. 

So here I sit again waiting for an OB call, to see if I can get in to make sure everything is alright.  I'm worried that they will ask me to wait till Tuesday when my appt is...But I just can't.  I will end up in the ER worried, and get another ER bill..I would rather they make time for me today, and save me the hassle of going to the ER for the 3rd time this EARLY pregnancy. 

I must look like a crazy lady to them...and they must be kicking themselves in the behind for accepting me!  (they weren't accepting new patients)

**Update** Emergency Ultrasound at 3:30. 


  1. dont know me, but I am a admitted "creeper" on your blog. I want you to know I have been praying for have been on my mind a lot. DH and I tried for 4 years, with a fertility clinic, to have a baby. I miscarried once (the first time I got pregnant) then got pregnant was so surreal...I had been having a good pregnancy, almost too good and I too had some "crazy lady" moments. Then, I ended up delivering at 24 weeks. Sorry, I am trying to sum this all up as to not take up a lot of time. Anyway, we have a healthy baby boy now. my point of all of this is simply for you to know you are being thought of and prayed for by a stranger who understans. Best wishes, and please keep us all updated on how things are going! :) Alaena

  2. Alaena, thanks for the comment, it feels good to know that I am not the only crazy lady out there! It's just when you want something so badly, you get freaked out that something will happen and end it. Good things rarely work out in my favor lol.

    Thanks for the prayers!