Saturday, July 10, 2010

Date Day


Today the husband and I are going on a date.  A movie date.  Best part? It's my choice! See, my little secret is that I sorta/kinda/almost/maybe like the Twilight movies.  The acting is terrible, but I enjoy feeling like a gushing teenage girl when I watch it.  And that my friends is what I picked to see!

We chose the 11am showing, in hopes to avoid annoying chatty teenagers, but with my terrible luck, it will be packed with them, and they will all be gorgeous and like 6ft tall and sit in front of me.

Anywho! the plan is Movie, return a shirt to Target and hit Walmart. funfun!

(The shirt is one I bought on the weekend my mother was in town...I feel HUGE in it, so time to return it!)

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. There is no shame in the Twilight movies! Besides it is the best one yet!

    Enjoy the date night!

  2. I agree! This is the best one and the acting is so much better!