Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cervix is long and closed, there is no evidence where the blood is coming from, and baby once again is clueless as to what's happening. 

This all means...your guess is as good as mine, and the professionals.  It made me feel better that they said the main thing is that baby okay and that my cervix is long and closed.  Some times pregnant ladies bleed and they can't find where exactly it's coming from.  There was also no sign of my Subchorionic Hemorrhage. 

Only advice they gave me was to live life like there is no bleed. 

Baby is definitely bigger, heart rate much higher (174) and she said baby looked awesome, even measuring a bit bigger than it's gestational age.  We saw the umbilical cord, and the blood flow in it, and she showed us the developing brain!  In this picture baby's head is on the left, chin to chest, and it's little bottom is sitting on it's yolk sac!

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