Thursday, July 29, 2010


That Diet went out the window.  I stopped pricking myself, too.  My sugar levels have been great, and I don't over eat, so I figure I'll just watch what I eat and check my sugars randomly instead of every 4 hours.  Also because I was alot smaller in the waist, I am starting to notice even my underwear digging in just above my pubic bone! I bought all new clothes at the beginning of summer, and now they are starting to get tight, like across my chest!

Want to hear something crazy and strange?  I am still getting jealous over other ladies BFP's.  Seriously.  I think it's because I am still worried, and I still feel like I some how cheated the -Infertility Club-  After a few days, I get excited for them, and I count how far along behind me they are, and try to remember how scared I was at their stage, and how I am just now starting to think that this MAY happen for me.

And the awesome news...Tomorrow I get to drink LOADS of water, and not pee for an hour!  Wow.  I am not sure how I am going to do this.  I drank a green tea, went into Costco 30 minutes later, and almost peed myself.  Tomorrow I get to over drink, and get my tummy pushed on!  It's my 1st abdominal Ultrasound.  I am getting the NT scan done to check for abnormality markers.  I'm just doing it so I can have another ultrasound to see the baby :D

Am I just the only crazy person who prepares herself for the worst before EVERY ultrasound? 


  1. No you're definitely not crazy, u/s's to this day scare the crap out of me. When I hit 12 weeks when I was pregnant I went and bought a doppler. Just so that I could check on the baby before every ultrasound for fear of bad news. I think we are all a little crazy while pregnant, especially after IF. Good Luck tomorrow!!

  2. I've been looking into dopplers, too. I was going to order one at 8 weeks so it would arrive by 10 weeks... 8 weeks came and went. then last weekend I found one I liked, and then I said I'll order it after tomorrows ultrasound. Course now I am kicking myself for not ordering it way before tomorrow!