Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's Resolving!

Verdict: It's resolving!

We saw the bleed on the ultrasound, and it's on it's way to the cervix!  Which explains all the bleeds and discharge!  The OB said that I didn't have a tear afterall, but had a deep implantation bleed that caused the hemorrhage. 

The baby? PERFECT! It has arms, legs...and a tail!  Oh, and a perfect heartbeat of 154!  It's going up nicely.

In this picture you can see to the right of the sac a little black mark, looks like 8 little circles in a cluster..that's the bleed!  She says it's on it's way to the cervix, so I am assuming my cervix is on that end :P


  1. Oh, that's such good news! Mystery solved!

  2. Wonderful! I said prayers for you this morning, I'm glad it's working out!