Tuesday, July 20, 2010

1st Pre Natal Visit

This morning was my first prenatal visit. There was alot of information, lots of questions, and an ultrasound.  Oh, and more appointments.  Appointments for another prenatal, nutritionist, Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound, blood work, and urine testing.

The news:  I am 10 weeks pregnant and have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes already!  I've been given metformin for many years, and it was only more recently that I became faithful in taking it, and when I found out I was pregnant, the old OB office told me to stop it right away, cold turkey.

I am insulin resistant...my weight has been sky rocketing since getting pregnant.  I am now on the diabetes diet, taking metformin, and have to check my blood sugars 4 times a day.  If the Metformin and diet can't control it, I will start insulin.

And the other news:  I will be having another C-section.  We will plan for the date for 39weeks, but depending on baby, it may be earlier.  When I went into labor with my daughter I didn't know I was in labor.  I was in the very SMALL percentage of women who don't feel their labor.  I actually went to my doctor to get a sleeping pill because I could not sleep for almost 2 nights, and she checked my cervix and I was 7.5cm dilated. 

I went to the hospital and they broke my bag of water, and she had pooped.  They decided because she was distressed that I would need to be induced to speed things along, and once they started that process, it all went VERY fast, the contractions were one on top of another and the pain all of a sudden became too much.

Her heartbeat was dropping, and it at times would stay really low, so I went for an emergency c-section.  The mentioned the cord was wrapped once around her neck, but the kicker?...Her head was such a cone shape!  It was literally wedged in my pelvis that they had to really tug her out.  There was no way she would have survived a vaginal birth. 

The doctor talked to us a bit about it, based on scar, and a small pelvis, he advised us that he would suggest a repeat c-section.  We didn't talk about a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) Which made the decision easier.  Anything to cut any risks down.

My next prenatal is in 4weeks, and on the 30th is the scan to check for down syndrome.

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  1. YAY for your first prenatal visit! I am sorry to hear that you might have to take insulin but we are used to shots at least, right?! =) Cant wait for more updates!