Thursday, July 22, 2010

Date at the Diabete Center

It wasn't that bad.  I was worried I would be living off of green leaves or some crap like that lol.  I was taught how to check my blood levels, and holy cow was I a chicken.  I held that little machine and seriously stomped my feet as I tried to psych myself up to push the button and prick my finger!  and I couldn't do it.  the lady had to do it for me. lol!

I don't get it!  I did muscle injections in my ass at least 65 times last year, and at least 10 shots in my belly, yet I couldn't prick my finger. So it turns out my sugar levels spike high, and then drop,...alot.  Which she didn't seem happy with.  So alot of this will be trial and error to find which foods work for me.

I will admit that I left that appointment and went and grabbed a huge Costco Hot dog and a strawberry sundae!  Then I came home and ate some more crap, and drank some apple juice (She said no more juices for me!)  Tomorrow the torture will begin!  aka, the diabetes diet.

Anyways, as I write this I am sitting here eating a nut bar and a bag of veggie chips, you make sure it's not "poison" before I start to eat this stuff tomorrow!  I'm so full I could either pass out, or throw up.  Right now either one sounds like sex.

Disclaimer: YES, I know I shouldn't have hogged out, but I couldn't help myself.  I'm sure once I restart my metformin tomorrow all of this  food will be flushed out =]

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