Tuesday, November 2, 2010

25 weeks

wow!  I am 25 weeks pregnant!  I remember when  I just found out and I was having all those problems, and I couldn't imagine this pregnancy past 6 weeks.

It's awful the way infertility robs you of so much, not just the ability to get pregnant.  In the beginning of the pregnancy I was just praying to make it to 12 weeks, then one of the girls on my due date thread lost her babies at 14 weeks gestation.  I remember freaking out a bit, and praying to make it to 16 weeks.  At 17 weeks I was feeling confident, then there was another girl who lost her boy at 20 weeks exactly. Ugh

And that's when I set my new goal to 24 weeks, viability.  I am now 1 week past 24 weeks, and I have set a new goal....28 weeks.  When I opened up Msn news yesterday and saw that Lily Allen lost her pregnancy in the 6th month, it freaked me out. 

Will I be more comfortable that I'll be bringing home a baby when I hit 28 weeks?  Or will I find another magic number? 


I sure can tell that the baby is bigger and stronger!  This little guy is still in his favorite position, Breech.  So when he gets going with his River Dancing moves, I feel it in my Vagina!  and because he's been working on his fitness ALOT, it hurts!  When he moves around my entire belly looks like a scene from Alien!  and of course my husband LOVES feeling him kick.  Some times I swear it's a game, Nathaniel will put a hand on my belly while baby is dancing, and then the baby will STOP!  Like he knew the jig was up, and he was caught.

I'll try to get a picture today of me at 25 weeks.  Yesterday when I was in the kitchen my husband asked me to turn sideways,...Then commented that over the weekend I really POPPED!  I don't quite see it yet. 

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  1. Don't worry. The baby sounds like he's doing great! Make sure you take the time to enjoy it all and not to stress over all of the "what ifs" that can happen.