Friday, October 29, 2010

The Great Fall... -Updated-

 I had plans last night for a relaxing evening, with a Decaf Pumpkin Spice Latte, Charlie Browns Great Pumpkin, then Grey's!  But like usual, something else came up....

30 minutes before Charlie Brown started we decided to take the dogs for a walk, to poop them out.  On the walk my husband was playing with my little dog, as he held the leash for the Shepherd.  He was jogging backwards as my dog chased him.  And then he fell...And Molly (the Shepherd) came to the rescue, and Nathaniel lost his footing again, and fell on her.

She seemed fine, other than wanting to be hugged, and stopping for kisses all the way home.  I noticed an hour later she was limping a bit, but that was her normal.  When she was younger she use to escape her crate and after the last big escape that made me put the crate away forever, she developed a wiggle in her walk.  When it gets cold out at night she will limp a bit, or after playing Frisbee for 10 minutes or more, she will limp a bit.  I assumed she had arthritis, or a hip problem.

Well, around midnight last night (5 hours after the great fall) she was crying really loud.  Usually she's in my room, sleeping on the floor beside my side of the bed with her head underneath...So I got up to check on her.  She was in pain, and couldn't walk.  I had my husband place her on her bed and she seemed good.

Today she's limping and crying.  So she has a vet visit this evening.  I am hoping at the least they can give her something for the pain, and take some Xrays to make sure nothing is broke. 

I find it stressful when my dogs are hurt.  =(  Especially since the moment they get scared or hurt they come running to me for help.

Praying that she will be alright, and that the bill won't be as expensive as the hospital bill that I got last week from going into preterm labor from dehydration and sex!


She has hip dysplasia, and arthritis.  She will more than likely be on pain management pills for the rest of her life, since surgery is not an option at the moment.  But she'll be okay!

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