Friday, November 12, 2010

My other babies - My Furbabies

I love my dogs as though they were my children.  The moment they get hurt, or act differently, I bring them straight to the vet.  It's costly, but I can't imagine losing them, especially to something that is treatable.

2 weeks ago I blogged about the big dog Molly.  How she has bad hips, and then a fall that injured her.  We brought her into the vet and got some pain meds for her, and we were on our way.  Exactly 1 week later she developed a sneeze.  I remembered a rescued shelter dog that someone brought in and they were trying to let that dog "meet" Molly.  It was getting me upset because Molly is protective of me now that I am pregnant.

Anyways, that dog was sneezing and coughing. 

I called the vet the same day the sneezing started and I was livid.  They grabbed the file of that dog and claimed it was his breed that made him breath and sneeze that way.  2 days later, my little dog got it.  On Monday we brought them into the vet and got them on some antibiotics.  Yesterday Molly seemed a bit better, but Tokyo was worse. So we brought him back.

On Monday they said it was an upper respiratory infection and the little guy started on Amoxocillin every 12 hours, and Molly on some huge pills.  Now they are on the same meds, plus a weekly dose of something else incase it's nose mites?  and the little guy is on antihistamines. 

I was hoping for some more sleep last night.  NOPE!  The little guy was WORSE.  Blowing his nose everywhere, sneezing, and then going into a reverse sneeze that makes him sound like he's blowing a horn to warn us he's dying. 

So far $300 later, and I am PRAYING for some improvements this weekend.  I am losing my hair.  I think I just love them too much!   If he's not better by Monday, I will be taking him a different vet.

Oh yeah, this "Mite" drug...could have a bad side effect.  If I notice them looking drunk, or anything close to being out of it, I am suppose to call right away and get them in there, because it's highly toxic.  GREAT!

Here's my little guy.  He's been hiding behind furniture where the sun hits =[

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