Saturday, November 27, 2010

That time of year

Christmas is coming!

That also means my 31st Birthday is around the corner (Christmas Eve baby).  We have so much to do the next few weeks, that I am hoping that they just fly by! 

I still have to set up a small get together for Jayleen's 16th Birthday which is on Dec 8th!  I am totally counting down till when I'll have cake =)  We're flying in my mom and 1 of her brothers to celebrate with us for 3 days.  It's going to be great to see some familiar feels like it's been too long.

I'll have to do my Christmas Decoration post soon.  We went out this year and got monogrammed stockings for each of us, I LOVE them!  I filled candy bowls around the house with all sorts of treats, Candy cane mints, Christmas Hershey Kisses....I am sad to report that they are now empty!  (Common! I was hungry!)

I also want to give a warning out!  I saw a cute 1 piece Jammie set at Target the other week, and I NEEDED it.  Sure I looked like a child from Whoville, but I LOVED it.  Till I went to the bathroom, then it felt strange.  Like I was going to -potty- naked!  Weirdest thought ever!  Onesies are adorable, but still sorta give you that no no feeling....


  1. Your weight loss journey is absolutely amazing! Congrats on your baby coming soon. That tree is beautiful. **ICLW**

  2. Lolol on the Jammy thing....your tree is beautiful....and 16 scares me, my oldest turns 15 after Christmas

  3. Oh yeah, Happy ICLW and Congrats on your miracle baby!