Monday, November 15, 2010

The Start of the Nursery

I've always had ideas of what I wanted the nursery to look like, and now that I am at that point, I can't decide! 

When I was freshly pregnant we saw a rocker/recliner at Costco that was super plush and comfy, so that was our 1st purchase.  Because it was chocolate brown, I decided that I would need dark brown furniture to match.  Depending on the sex of the baby, we would go brown/pink or brown/blue.

I thought the hardest part was picking out the furniture style, it seriously took me weeks to finally pick one!  But now that that's all done, and the walls are painted "blue booties", I can't seem to decide on a theme!

I don't want too many bright colors, but I also don't want it all dark and gloomy.  I found a 4ft tall Giraffe that's on Amazon and I MUST have it.  I was also looking at wall decals, and I was going to do trees.  And now I found a local artist that does nursery murals...So I am still trying to decide on a theme!

I thought I'd share the start of the nursery.  We're still waiting for another curtain panel to come, and we need baskets for the change table, and the walls are BARE! I'm hoping to start working more on the nursery in the coming weeks.  It's a really busy time of year! We have Thanksgiving, my Mom and Uncle coming to visit the 1st week of Dec, then Jayleens 16th Birthday on Dec 8th, Husbands work Christmas party on the 11th, my Birthday on Christmas Eve and then Christmas!