Sunday, November 21, 2010


Welcome ICLW readers!  You can read about my journey to pregnancy on my side bar.  I was lucky enough to catch every step to my pregnancy on my blog, from the 1st positive OPK in YEARS, right down to slightly positive HPT's, and baby's 1st ultrasounds.

Well, I had myself another wonderful night in Labor and Delivery!  This is #3 for me in 6 weeks.  I honestly have to blame infertility for my 1st 2 trips.  I am a paranoid mama!  From the beginning I've been super scared and worried something will go wrong.  I've even made myself pregnancy goals.  Goals that I can't even keep, I change them weekly.

12 Week goal - The moment I hit 12 weeks, a girl in my Due date club lost her twins at 14 weeks.  Time for a new goal!

16 Week goal - Another lady commented that she won't feel safe till she hits 19 weeks, cause she miscarried at 17 weeks. UGH!

20 Week goal - Someone delivers

Then came the viability week, 24....Now it's week 28.  Which is in a few days!

Anyways, back to feeling robbed.  I am constantly worried, and feeling robbed once again. 

When we 1st moved here to Boise in Oct, I was worried my bag of water had a leak...Imagine my surprise after a few hours in labor and Delivery, to be told that I had peed myself.. Oh man

The 2nd time I had cramps galore, and had an irritable uterus due to dehydration and sex! 

This time, I was determined to stay away from L&D.  So, I went to the ER! and they treated me like I had the plague.  The wouldn't touch me.  I had to go to L&D!  I've been having some stomach pain that happens right below my ribs in the middle.  It comes on all of a sudden with no warning, lasting for 15-30 minutes.  Like a really bad tummy ache.

On Friday night we went to Khol's then Walmart to get a new Christmas tree and I was hit with the pain.  I wanted to lay on the ground.  Finally it went away and I went about my business.  Last night was the worst!  It had me throwing up. and I felt like a lunatic who couldn't sit still, because if I sat down for even a second, the pain radiated to my back.

I finally was discharged 2.5hrs later with a "If you're still hurting on Monday call your OB again and get a script for Zantac"  Didn't I just see one of the OB's from my OB/gyn? yep! But they don't seem to think it's harmful to you or baby.  bye.  I'm hoping that it's done, whatever it is.  It's been happening for 6 days, randomly.  Just a really bad belly ache in that one spot that hurts straight through to my back. 



  1. Wow. How nerve wracking. I would probably be the same way if I ever got pregnant. It's hard not to be afraid of every little thing. Wishing you the best for the remainder of your pregnancy.

  2. I think I would be more of a basket case than you and I think it's normal to be anxious. Do hope you start to feel a little better during your last stretch of pregnancy.

  3. Here from ICLW :) I hate to laugh, but I literally laughed out loud reading that you peed yourself! Thanks goodness. Despite whatever embarrassment, I'm sure you were more than happy to hear it was just pee :) I'll be keeping you and the bean in my prayers.. Best wishes!