Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zero Patience

After I blogged about finding out the baby's gender I got a call from my mother. 

It went a little like this"

Mom- "OMG! find out baby's gender!"
Me- "We are =)"
Mom- "WHEN?"
Me- "In 5 weeks!"
Mom- "OMG! find out baby's gender. **now**"

This Saturday seems to be the day!  I spoke with the owner of the U/S place in town, and she said they like you to be 17+weeks, but will take me earlier.  She can see the sex on some baby's at 14 weeks easily, and if for some reason they're not 100% sure, or the baby is playing shy, I can come back up to 3 more times for free =)


  1. Fun! Finding out is awesome! :)

  2. Yay for finding out! London was very obviously a boy at 14w2d. So they definitely can tell pretty early. I can't wait to hear your announcement.

  3. How fun! Finding out is one of the best days! Enjoy it!

    Happy ICLW