Friday, August 27, 2010


Before I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord for a night of sleep...

Serious.  That's what you'll hear if you eavesdropped in my bedroom at night.  Pervert. 

My sleep has been broken up so much the past 4 nights, that I'm waking up exhausted.  Just the past week I've been getting up 3 to 4 times a night just to pee, and having the most bizarre dreams!  Like, WEIRD dreams. 

The other night after I got back into bed I heard a ~Thump~ noise, and quickly thought that I must have kicked off one of the remotes and it hit my little dogs stool that he uses to get on the bed.  Then I heard my big dogs dog tags jingle, and I thought maybe she hit her head on it...Oh well!  She's big.

Later when I got up AGAIN, I crawled off the end of the bed and almost jumped on the big dog.  She didn't even stir.  I went to the bathroom and when I came back, I saw that her head/shoulders....basically half of her body was UNDER the bed.  I thought she was dead.  So I went over to her and tried to feel her heartbeat and breathing.  Nothing.  Then I was like -F- it!  I'm to tired!  nothing I can do about it, and went back to bed. (totally not like me)

The next morning  my husbands alarm went off and he does his normal routine, he lets the dogs out.  I usually lay there a minute or two, until he comes in and tries to get his sex on, and that's when I'll just get up and leave :P  Anyways...I go to hop off the end of the bed again, this time I moved slower than usual, and I felt the big dog with my toes..I screamed " SHE IS DEAD!!!!!" and hopped back on the bed. and up jumped the dog.  I guess she didn't get the memo she was dead. I'm not sure who was more scared, her or me.

Lack of sleep is doing me in!

On a more normal note.....

TOMORROW IS ULTRASOUND DAY!  My appt is booked at 10am, so we need to leave the house at 9am!  I am debating if we should give my mother a call while we're there and let her hear the news as we find out, or if I'll make her wait. 

All I do know is I'll be baking a few dozen cupcakes Sunday night with either blue or pink cake batter.  I just need to remember to pick up the silver cupcake paper tomorrow.

I decided I am going to brave it, and say what I am like 90% sure this baby is.  When we 1st found out we were pregnant I thought boy.  I grew up with a huge family, LOTS of cousins.  All girls.  All of us have kids, all of our kids are girls.  Each cousin has between 2-4 kids, all girls.  I thought I was going to end the girl streak, especially since girls are some what rare on my husbands side.

Then in August my cousin gave birth to a boy!  a 10lb 3oz boy...

And that is when I was like, I'm having a girl.  All old wives tales say girl.  Chinese gender says girl, baby's heart rate is always over 150...AND I've only been looking at girl stuff, and we for sure picked out the girls name. 

So my prediction for tomorrow is GIRL! 

**stay tuned**


  1. I am afraid to guess about what we are having, it's like if I wish too hard and want too much, that I will get the opposite, and be disappointed. With that being said, I want a girl, but a boy would still be wonderful... argh, I'm torn!

  2. I think that's why I am convinced I am having a girl! I want a boy. Course I wouldn't mind if it was a girl either! I've found so many cute girl things

  3. I'm so glad your dog is NOT dead. Were you dreaming? Or did you just not feel the heartbeat?

    Get some sleep, girl!

  4. To tell you the truth, I am not sure! It didn't seem like something I would do (not double check)!

    I doubt I'll get any sleep tonight, so excited about tomorrow!