Thursday, August 19, 2010

Doctors appointments..

On Tuesday I had 2 doctor appts.  1 for the OB, the other for the dentist.  I left BOTH visits with some hefty bills!

OB: Was my 14 week check up.  Belly was measuring 15 weeks and baby's heart rate was in the 150's.  We got back the results of the NT scan and blood work.  We have a 1 in 10,000 chance of baby having downs and something else that I can't remember the name of.  The doctor was happy with the results.  All my blood work came back great as well.  I go back in 3 weeks for another check up and then another 3 weeks for the 20 week Anatomy scan.

We found out that we hadn't hit our deductible yet, so that explained a $380 bill they gave us.  Plus they want us to start paying $85 every 30 days for the birth of the baby.  I just need to clarify with them that if we do have to relocate soonish, that the money that we have to put towards the birth will be transferred to the new OB.  It's really confusing.  I come from Canada, so I never worried about this sort of stuff, it's all new to me.

By the way, I totally feel the baby moving now!

Dentist:  I had my dentist appt later that same afternoon.  I have some sort of dentist phobia.  It all goes back to my childhood, where our dentist I swear was a torturer!  My brother didn't like the needles, and he told the dentist that he didn't want he didn't get one!  I also had partial braces, so I was at the dentist alot for adjustments.  Anyways...2 years ago I had my top wisdom teeth removed and I chose sedation dentistry..I fell in love that day.  So next time I needed another extraction and a filling, I chose the little blue pills again!  Who knew going to the dentist would be so easy and relaxing! I slept for 3 days...

There was a downside to this... My husband chose to stay in the room while I was having the work done because  I was totally out of it.  The chance of me remembering anything that happened would be very slim.  So imagine my surprise when I was told what I said when the doctor was wiping the blood/drool from my lips "mmm It feels like you were kissing me softly" Oh and I managed to pee the bed on day 2.

Fast forward to Tuesday.  I was told that I have to have not 1, but 2 root canals.  I almost died.  I've never had a root canal. EVER.  I've heard horror stories about them.  The worst part is that I have to be awake! The dentist promised me it would feel like I was getting a cavity filled...Uhmm I don't know what that feels like!  I tried to get them to put it off till after the birth of the baby so I could be knocked out, but I have an infection pocket =[ 

I was also hoping to scare them with the pregnancy...No such luck, the OB said it would be safe.  FML!  Oh, and then I was handed a parting gift.  The bill of $2468 (yes, 2, 4, 6, 8)  My insurance will cover 50 and 80% of some of the procedure, but I have a $1500/yr maximum.  This lovely thing should be going down within the next week, they are being overly dramatic making it out that it can't wait any longer...I think he has a payment for a boat due soon.

Oh, and on top of all of this...The hospital and the blood lab bills came in!  And then my husbands car croaked, so it's at Napas right now getting a new fuel pump, a filter and the gas drained from the oil tank and have to get an oil change and a NEW BATTERY! Weeee! 

So, I'd like to take a moment and say Thank you Mommy for helping!  When it rains, it pours!

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  1. Don't stress too much about the root canal. I've had one and once the tooth was numb, it really wasn't that bad. It seems worse than it is. Just make sure that if they prescribe you an anti-biotic you take it!