Thursday, August 26, 2010


Like 6 months ago I may have blogged about my husbands work closing down locally and how we may be one of the ones hired on at the new offices, and we'll relocate.  Well, we're still waiting.  They laid off half of the staff, and then laid off 10 more a month ago, and my husband has been lucky not to be one of those folks =(

We were told that he was one of their best employees, and he's been awarded with almost all of their good employee coins, monthly.  His bosses even said that he would be an asset at the new offices, and didn't doubt that he would be one of the 1st hired on as a supervisor.  Well, 14 job applications/interviews later and he STILL hasn't been hired on.  Their excuses are silly.  The first half a dozen were based on "sonority"  and now the guys who have only been with the Company a few months are beating him out cause "They grew up at the new company and already know how to run things there to their liking"

I am about ready to call them up myself and give them a piece of my mind!  My husband has been dedicated to this company, working harder, and putting in more hours.  And now you find every excuse not to hire him...Is he too nice?  Can you not see him in a supervisor position because of this?  Cause if that's the real deal, tell him! you probably already know he doesn't bite.  But me?  I'll rip your head off..

Anyways, The last position he applied for was 3 months ago, and he never heard anything back.  which is funny because once you're hired, you have only 2 weeks to get there.  AKA, we have to pack, find a new house, move and settle down in under 2 weeks.  FUNFUN!  But 2 weeks ago he got a call that they narrowed it down to 2 guys, and he was one of them, the other guy is a new guy, of course.

He did his 2nd interview via phone and was told we would know Monday the 23rd.  Monday came and went...FINALLY yesterday the guy emails him back to say it will be the end of this week, or well into next week before he can make an announcement...For serious?  Because my daughter is starting school up VERY soon and I am frustrated as heck to think that we have to put our life on hold ANOTHER week to be shot down.

I would love to start packing some more, I would like to know not to purchase a bunch of perishable foods this weekend.  I would need to find a new OB asap and schedule my 20 week ultrasound.  I would really like a head start at finding us a new house cause some of the pickings are slim!

I'd honestly just would like to know one way or another.  I'm a tad hormonal, and alot of this will be left on my shoulders since I'm the one at home throughout the day.  I'm a planner, I like to know stuff well in advance, especially if my husband is going to lose his job come November when they close the doors locally...and there goes our insurance. 

Sorry for the whiny post, but this is what's been on my mind for months....

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  1. So sorry about your DH's work situation. I hope you get the "you're hired" call soon!