Monday, August 23, 2010

sex? yes, please!

About a week ago I all of a sudden didn't want to find out the baby's sex.  I don't seem to have very many surprises in my life and it was the one surprise that I could control.  Well, that thought went right out the window!  I reminded myself that I am the person who not only looks for my Christmas gifts, BUT I actually open them, and reseal them.  Like for real.

We have a choice.  I can book my Gender revealing Ultrasound at the 3d/4d place in town for $89.  Or I can wait 5 more weeks for my anatomy scan and see if the tech will tell me.  I think I will wait 5 more weeks.  Trust me, it's taking me every bit of strength not to book the Gender U/S!  No idea how I even thought I could wait till the birth :P

Of course my husband will be finding out this week if we have to relocate.  With my luck it will be BEFORE my anatomy scan!

We may have some names picked out!


  1. Congratulations on your baby! And I, for one, do not like I found out as soon as I could! :) Dropping in from ICLW to say hello! :)


  2. Kelly! What a surprise to see your message on my blog! You were one of the first blogs I read and I wondered what happened when you disappeared! I can't tell you how wonderful it is that's it's a year later and we are both knocked up! Yay!!!! It's amazing what can happen! I can't believe how it happened for you! So awesome. :)