Monday, August 16, 2010


We finally got a doppler!  Well, my mom bought it for us, and we had it overnighted.  In our little town you don't get mail to your house, you have to rent a post office box.  So I was checking the tracking every 3 minutes all morning and the moment it arrived, I went for a walk.

I wasn't even home 30 seconds before I tore open the box and started frantically searching for baby.  I was so happy when I thought I found him/her.  But then I noticed that it was my heart beat -76-! lol  I think I found the baby 10 minutes later, but by that time I had to get up and walk away.  I was scaring myself.

Well, I didn't get to finish writing this post before I went to look for it again!  This time I found a heartbeat of 143.  I called my mom and went to let her listen...and the baby moved.  blah.  Maybe next time mom!

Tomorrow morning I have an OB appt, and then a dentist appt in the afternoon.  Last weekend I ended up in the ER with such a bad tooth ache, that it was determined that since I am pregnant and my gums are more sensitive I got a bacteria infection.  fun stuff.  T3's, penicillin and a needle in the cheek later, and I am sorta looking forward to getting rid of this pain once and for all. 

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