Monday, August 30, 2010


A few people at my husbands work knew that we were having a hard time TTC.  They knew because of all the time we had to get off last year for all the cycles we did.  So I thought it would be cute to make them cupcakes that would reveal the gender of the baby.

You would think that it being blue would be a HUGE hint, right?  Nope!  One of the ladies thought we were announcing we were adopting a brown baby.  what?!  Is it because of the frosting color?  So strange!

What's even more strange is looking at boy clothes!  It looks like the cupcake colors will be the main colors of his room!  There seems to be alot of dark browns and blues =) and I'm okay with that, unless they tell me at my anatomy scan that there is NO PENIS, that it was a mistake!  ha!

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  1. Adopting a brown baby?! Haha! What is wrong with people?!