Monday, January 31, 2011

Up and Down

all night with contractions!  Nothing dramatic, nothing impressive, but something!  There is no real pattern to them, but at one point they were every 12 minutes.  Now they are back to being every 20-30 minutes.  UGH!

I've been having some anxiety lately that the baby is the size of a lipstick...yeah, really.  It's like I know he's bigger than that, because of the ultrasounds, BUT I just can't picture a baby that is almost ready to come out! 

8 days people!  8 days till we meet baby Isaac! 

Tomorrow is my surgery consult at 11am.  and my last weigh in, belly measurement, and heartbeat check!  So excited, and soooo scared =) 

We cancelled my parents flight here because my mom had to have surgery, so we're expecting them to come in March, when Isaac is a month old, and hopefully I'm alot more mobile!  We do however have one of Nathaniel's brothers coming in on the 12th for a few days with his fiancee!  I haven't been all that close to anyone in his family because I'm afraid they passed judgement on me because of my past (teen pregnancy)  So this will be my 2nd time ever meeting him in 6 years =)

Please pray that it goes smoothly!  I'll be a few days out of surgery, with a nursing newborn, and 2 dogs who dislike anyone who can walk/talk! Oh and counting on Nathaniel to help clean/tidy up...That itself is a scary thought!

About my blog.  I will keep blogging my random craziness, but like I said, on a privacy setting for  a while.  I got alot of your emails, and I jotted down the emails from comments too.  If for any reason you can't view it after the privacy is set on, email me, and I can figure something out =) Or who knows! lol.  I'll probably set it after tomorrows appt.

Thanks guys =)

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  1. Thank you for the add. I appreciate it, and I can't wait until Issac is here!!