Wednesday, January 12, 2011

35weeks - 0 dilation

I just had my 35 week visit at the OB.  I had to sit there waiting in my room for 30 mins with no bottoms on because there was an emergency in the room next to us.  Some lady at 30 weeks pregnant had her bag of water in her vagina =[  So the ambulance had to come bring her to the hospital.

I got my strep B swab done today, and while measuring my belly I got a really strong Braxton Hicks.  She decided to wait till it was over because my belly went rock hard and stuck out. lol  I am measuring 40 weeks.  40 weeks!

She also decided to do a quick cervix check.  0 dilation, but mentioned that it was thinning out nicely.  She then went over my old c-section notes.  Scar on my uterus is normal, so I can try for a VBAC =)  The reason documented for the C-section was "Failure to progress"

I ran to Walmart on my way home to pick up some Raspberry leaf tea,...yeah, hardest thing to find!  It's the last thing on the ingredient list on 2 different kinds.  I figure I'll start drinking some of this one, and then next week I'll look for a better one.

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