Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Good, The Bad...and the Ugly

I had my next OB appointment scheduled for Wednesday, but I had it changed to this morning.  I've been dealing with alot of anxiety and wanted to see someone and get reassurance. 

Today I found out that I tested positive for the Strep B swab I had done last week.  Found out that my cervix is still closed up.  And then was given this doctors opinion....She said she wouldn't recommend a Vbac for me. 

She went over my old OP notes, my ultrasound, the actual size of my pelvis and the fact that baby is measuring in the 70% line, and my belly is now measuring 42 weeks at 36 weeks...She doesn't even think if baby was to be born now he would fit. 

You can have someone 4ft give birth to a 10lb baby.  Your body adjusts.  But sometimes there are people who just have small frames with a "lip?" on their pelvis bone.  Which does explain some things at my 1st c-section.  Jayleen was stuck in my pelvis, and they had to manually push her head out of my pelvis to get her birthed by c-section..she had the biggest cone head, ever!

So it looks like all that Raspberry Leaf tea I bought will just be sitting in the cupboard!  I have exactly 3 weeks till my c-section.  I might as well just try and relax and enjoy some quiet time (if only these dogs would stop crying!!!)


  1. Oh Kellyanne... I am sorry. I know how much you wanted the VBAC. I hope that, no matter what, your birth experience is beautiful and brings you such joy.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you've been feeling anxiety and worrying. I went through a lot of that early on in my pregnancy and before I got pregnant. It helped me to do a lot of visualizing. If I felt my anxiety increase I would go to my "happy place" in my head and after a couple minutes hanging out there I felt a LOT better. Try that next time you start to feel the anxiety increase. Just a suggestion of course :)