Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby News

When you hear percentages like 1% or 3% you think nothing about it.  Like, you have a 3% chance that you'll win the lotto!  You know not to hold your breath.  You know not to sit there and really day dream too much and spend that money before the winner is announced.

But when you're told that your baby has a 1% to 3% chance to get sick after he's born, and that death usually occurs, you can't help but do what you'd never do if those were your odds for the lottery.  You sit there and dwell on it, and start to plan.

Just last week I was counting down to 37 weeks to be full term. and now all I can think about is trying not to go into labor for another 2.5 weeks.  I need these weeks to prepare myself.  I need more time with knowing he's okay.

I should be getting a call today with some test results.  I am praying that they come back saying it was a mistake.  But I also know the reality.  After I get the call this afternoon we will be booking flights for my family for the c-section. 

So with that I'm asking for some prayers.  Prayers that Isaac won't be apart of that 1-3% that will be getting sick.  That he will be born healthy and strong.  And that no matter what, I don't go into labor before Feb 8th, and my family is able to be here with us to celebrate his little life as soon as he's born.

I'll share more when I'm more comfortable, but at this time, I just can't.


  1. Oh honey. Praying for you guys... Praying, praying, praying. If you need to talk, dont hesitate to email me.

  2. Sending you good good baby thoughts. Hope everything is ok. *huge hugs*