Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Lowe down

We recently discovered Lowe's workshop for kids.  I wish I found it sooner!  It's free, which is almost the best part.  I am not sure how often they hold them, as I just found it.  You preregister online at their site (it fills up FAST) It's a weekend thing.  You go check in, & if it's your first time you get a Lowe's apron, safety goggles & a mini hammer.  You grab your project bag & find a spot on the ground to sit. 

The kits have everything you'll need to complete your project.  We found our spot, opened up the instructions to show Isaac the pictures & started!  We let him hammer after we got the nail almost all in.  Otherwise we'd lose a finger, we'd bend the nail, & we'd be there all stinkin' day.

Afterwards, you bring your finished project to the person running the show.  They fill out a certificate for you & give the little ones a badge!  Later you just iron that bad boy onto their aprons & melt into a puddle while just thinking about how adorable your little one will look with the apron filled with badges.

We made Dusty from the new Planes movie that came out last weekend.  Ours is missing the top sticker, because apparently we didn't really look at the instructions before we added the top/head part. 

It's perfect! Isaac will for sure be brining it with him this weekend when we go see Planes =) 

Oh & it will be his 1st time at the theatres.  Please wish us and everyone else there luck.

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