Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Step 1

Setting up some weight loss buddies....

I am on the hunt for women who have at least 50lbs that they want/need to lose.  Once I have at least 3 others, then we will set some goals, make a plan, & figure out a reward system. 

In the perfect world, us real life, every day women would love to be sponsored & get our work out gear, & be awarded with something worth while. But, that's not how it works!  So we will come up with something just as fabulous.  We will work hard & our rewards will be even that much sweeter  - because we did it together.

If this is something you might be interested in, please let me know! I'd prefer it if you had a blog as well, or that I know you. 

If you have any great ideas about a reward system, let me know too!  I'd love to have it where we all weigh in weekly, or bi weekly, make some mini goals & some prizes that we get once each of us gets to that goal.  Start small & go BIG!

Once we have our superstar team, we can all chat and figure out the details.


***So! I've been riding my bike every night with my son & husband.  My bike has gotten out of hand ha! You have no idea how many people slow down to wave & honk at us!  Next week we will put my mirrors & bell on***

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