Saturday, August 10, 2013


I hate it when I have 30 projects going at once.  I'm trying to get my projects out of the way so I can have more free time to organize more fun things for Isaac.

My sewing room is almost done, I just need to finish painting 1 wall, sewing a ruffle on the other curtain, mount the tv & hang up all the pictures.  I really don't see this room getting done any time soon.  Lol

Isaac's play space in the house has a half finished teepee.  I'm afraid now that if I finish it off, he will think it's not suppose to be like that, & tear it down!  I'd also love to sew some curtains for his space...

Then there's Isaac's should have been done months ago, but one wall above his changetable was bugging me.  I still need to put some pictures in his frames & hang the art above the changetable.  I'll do anther post of his big boy room!

Today I'm tackling the breakfast nook.  It can be seen from every angle in the house.  I found it was dark looking, & it needed to be lightened/brightened up.  I was going to keep the tree I painted, but I hated the frames, & I really didn't want to buy all new frames, & try to pick out different pictures for them. I felt like Id have to have new pictures too.  Ha!

I painted the wall, hung some wood plaques that I'll modge Podge picures on tomorrow.  I then painted my table & chairs!  I was scared!  I'll be covering the chair seats up with a chevron duck cloth that I got at Hobby Lobby, & then I'll probably make a cute family rules sign for the wall too.

It feels like I went from dark to empty.   Not exactly how I pictured it, but I'm sure I'll make it work

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