Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Update (33weeks)

Today I had my OB appt.  Due to the itching, nausea, bellyaches and just feeling plain rotten, I got myself a date with the blood lady, and am now waiting for my call from the hospital for an appt for an ultrasound of my liver.  We're hoping it's nothing but we can't ignore the signs of possible bile salts..

My next appt with the OB is in 2 weeks, and then after that it will be weekly!  I will probably get to see the baby again at my next appt, too!  Turns out I am STILL measuring perfectly 5 weeks ahead.  If we're still growing on target, and still 5+ weeks ahead, we will for sure need to check on his weight and my fluids.


On December 24th, I was 32 weeks pregnant as I turned 31!  I had a good day, the only thing I asked for was a guacamole burger...really!  But I was surprised that day...and confused! 

I woke up and my husband gave me my gift, which was a bottle of my favorite perfume, Givenchy - Hot Couture, and then we planned out the day and the dinner.  Imagine my surprise when a huge bouquet of flowers showed up at my door from my mommy!  Attached was a card "Happy Birthday Kelly!!  Love, Mom"  and a balloon.....


I called mom up to thank her, and wait to see if it was a joke.  It wasn't.  It was a mistake.  I had my husband call to make sure it was a mistake, and NOT a statement that 31 meant I was getting old and ill.  They apologised and sent a bunch of Birthday balloons in return and a gift card!

Then UPS showed up....With a box of my favorite chocolates from my mom! 

I was STARVING, so we ordered my Birthday dinner to go, and went to pick it up.  I could hardly wait to walk in the door and bite into that burger!  and I am sure you can imagine my face when I did bite into it, and blood dripped out!  >confused<  We had to call in, and ask for another one and then we had to drive 15 minutes back there, and 15 mins home till I was finally able to eat it!  Oh and they gave us a gift card, too =)

Other than the confusion, it was a great day!

The next morning was Christmas!

Nathaniel and I went to bed sorta late that night in hopes we would actually sleep in.  BUT nope!  I got up at 5:30 am, and saw Nat was just laying there too! So we got up =)  It was a bit before 7am that I decided that we HAD to wake Jayleen up!  I turned on the kids hallway light, and said SANTA CAME!  and she flew out of bed, just like she did when she was 5 =)

The rest of the day we all lounged around and had a great time =)

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