Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Feb 8th

That's the scheduled C-section!

Once we get my op notes to see what sort of scar I have on my uterus, I may try a vaginal birth...IF I go into labor on my own by Feb 8th!  Also depending on babies size...

And that brings me to the rest of today's appointment..We showed up for our appt right on time, but it seriously took them 30 minutes before they came and grabbed us!  I was starting to bite my lip when I saw other ladies coming in with appts for 15 and 20 minutes after mine.  Turns out they were suppose to reschedule mine!  But they had forgot. 

They ended up giving me a Starbucks Gift Card to say sorry =)

My blood pressure was perfect, like always.  The blood work for my glucose test came back perfect, 'cept that I had a high white blood count, and need to have another blood test at my next appointment.  Baby is still measuring on the large side (by more than 3 weeks!) and he's head down now!  Lord knows that this little acrobat could do another somersault just to show off at any time!

Next appt in 2 weeks!

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  1. Thats so nice that they gave you a giftcard!!!!