Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You'd think I had a cat....

If you saw me naked!

I'm not talking about stretch marks, I'm talking about SCRATCH marks!  I am seriously itchy.  It started a few weeks ago, a bit of itchiness on my legs, then belly, and now....NOW I can't stop scratching!  I've tried lotions, cool baths....

Yesterday to be honest was the WORST day for the itchiness.  I scratched and scratched, till I burned!  My belly is now worse than my legs, and when I scratch it, it feels like it's on fire.  Last night I developed a red blotchy rash all over my belly.  Thank goodness it was gone by 10 pm.  I was getting worried.

THEN I woke up looking half chipmunk!  The left lymph node on my neck is puffed out!  I really hope I'm not getting sick in time for my Birthday  =[  All I asked for this year was a real whipped cream cake, and a HUGE burger.  Serious.

Calling the OB this morning, to see if there is anything she can prescribe for the itch.  I really don't want to be sitting in a tub of oatmeal, praying that it helps.  I want something that WILL help!

Wish me luck!

Update:  Yep, update already!  Nevermind about the OB being any help.  I had my husband call for me, BECAUSE they always try to sucker me into going to L&D everytime I try to get an appt that same day.  EVERY time they send me to L&D it costs me $100..They have sent me there 4 times already instead of seeing me.  So I wanted my husband to be more assertive than I can be with them on the phone.  (I have a hard time with being assertive, and being mean)  But nope!  They make you talk to the nurse who will assess the situation, and make the final decision, and she chose NOT to even speak to my husband.  When I want to talk about the problem, I am to call back myself.  I'd rather go to the drugstore and get Aveeno Oatmeal stuff.  Thanks.

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