Thursday, December 16, 2010

31 weeks pregnant

Yesterday I had my lovely OB appointment.  It went well, till she measured my tummy.  I am measuring at 36 weeks....woah!  She said a good chunk of it could be because baby was sticking his bottom out under my ribs, or big baby, or extra fluid. 

So 2 minutes later I had an ultrasound!  Fluid level was great, baby looked awesome and then they tried to take a look at my old c-section scar to see which sort of cut it was.  Baby HATED it.  He was kicking up a storm, and didn't seem to like the pressure, or Mommy on her back.

We did get to see he has a head full of hair!  LONG hair!  Who knew you could see that with ultrasound? lol  He is also weighing in at 4lbs so far.  The Ob lady said not to expect a small baby  =)

Other than that, and how small framed I am, I am carrying all in the belly, which is really making me pop out, everything looked perfect =)

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