Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Food 11

This year Jayleen is in grade 11, and some of her extra classes sounded fun,...Sounded being the key word.  Maybe if I wasn't exhausted by lunch time every day it wouldn't be so bad.  Today she had to take a basic muffin recipe they gave her, make that, and then make a different version.  She had choices between extra fibre, and changing the flavor, or changing the fat and changing the flavour. 

Easy, right?  no, exhausting!  and the basic muffin recipe tasted like something you'd feed a toddler or an elderly person.

Did I mention my job was to stand by and only watch?  oh, and take pictures.  I think that was the exhausting part, just watching.  I am one of those people who would rather just take over and do it myself rather than teach someone how to do it.

So I gathered my pictures, and I have to write my part of the report and send my stuff in tonight.

Food 11 is hard, y'all!

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